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This blog tells about our last day in Boracay on May 4, 2019.  The three of us- hubby, myself and Bruce stayed in Estacio Uno Boracay while the others- Shane, Kyle and my father were left in Alta Vista de Boracay.  So, this set-up was kinda risky because this will be the first time that my father ( a senior citizen) would check out and I was praying that there would be no hassle that day.

After the sumptuous dinner that we had the previous night, we slept early.  We had a good night sleep– congratulations, Estacio Uno!  There’s only one teeny tiny thing  that you have to improve, but other than this– no more.  (Please see my separate post about my hotel review).  I wanted to check the hotel’s extension in the main road but we were not able to do so.  Probably when I come back, we can check how it looks like.

 When we woke up, we had a cup of coffee (that’s the daily routine for us) then I checked if the kids and my father have already prepared for breakfast.   I reminded them that they will be picked up at 9:30am and they need to be in the lobby by 9am and they should dial 0 for luggage assistance.

While Bruce was still sleeping, we took advantage of the time to go out and had a very quick pictorial.  Oh my!  I know I hate cramming, but we had some sort of adrenaline that we never get exhausted especially that we need a lot of catching up to do— we needed more photos and videos.  I really couldn’t believe that 6 days were NOT enough.  On my next vacay in the island, it would just be me, hubby and Shane so there will be less worry on my part and we can ENJOY for few days.

bruce sleeping.jpg


praying willys rock.jpg

While the priests and nuns were praying (facing the grotto in Willy’s Rock), we were having our pictorial.    Also in the other side, the Koreans who had the pre-nup pictorial the day before were also here doing photoshoot #2.  I was tempted to walk there wearing my white gown, but it wasn’t pressed.  Unfortunately, they also have no iron in the hotel room.  If only Hubby would join me, I would love to pose there, but who would dare to walk in front of many people with that kind of gown?  So you will see in my photos below that I was just lying on the bed/daybed so it won’t be obvious that the gown needs serious pressing.




When Bruce woke up, we got ready for breakfast @ Estacio Uno Boracay.  Though there were only limited selection of food, I didn’t have any complain with the taste and service.

As soon as we have finished eating, we went to the beach to swim.  Bruce was looking at the water while we were having our breakfast– as if he wanted to jump!


We were running out of time and because we will be picked by the BPHT staff at 9:30am, we had to make sure that there was time for swimming!

beach with bruce2 priceless.jpg

beach with bruce 2.jpg

When Bruce was already shivering, they went to the pool for the last dip!


I opted not to swim in the pool cos that time I was getting ready for another PICTORIAL.  I wasn’t able to wear my white wedding gown so I decided to just wear it inside so I can have photos in that white dress.

bruce pool.jpg


So here it is, my photos using my wedding gown I ordered from Amazon.

wedding photoshoot 6.jpg

wedding photoshoot 5.jpg

wedding photoshoot 8.jpg

wedding photoshoot 10.jpg



After last minute check for the things that we packed, I got a call from the front desk and I was informed that the staff from BPHT is already in the lobby to pick us up.

with bruce check out

after the check out

with ms sheelo.jpg

with Ms. Sheelo of BPHT


van to boracay airport.jpg

van to Boracay Airport

Boracay sign.jpg

boracay airport.jpg

If we have encountered a problem in The NAIA airport Terminal 3, we didn’t have any problem in Boracay Airport.  All the staff and employees were professional from the guard to the CSR assistants.

baggage drop assistant.jpg

We are ready to board 😦 Sad but we have to go back to reality.

boarding passes

Have you noticed my shimmering cheeks and liquid eyeliner?  Hehehe!  Ever since we went to Boracay, this is the first time I had visible makeup.  The whole stay in the island I had this very simple and innocent No MAKEUP look.  Thanks to Pond’s, I didn’t have a dry face.

at the bus

There you go— family pic inside the plane 🙂

in the plane back to manila.jpg

I prebooked our meals online because this would be our lunch.  This time, some of the orders were not available, they replaced those with other meals– the flight attendant informed that.  I thought that there was no problem with my daughter’s kiddie meal.  I ordered mini pizza for her and she got the box,  It’s only in the house that I found out that when she opened the box, she only got 1 KITKAT chocolate and 1 Chuckie Choco Drink.

roasted chicken inflight meal.jpg

Roasted Chicken

chicken spaghetti inflight meal.jpg

Chicken Spaghetti

Finally, we were home at around 3pm and though it wasn’t a perfect vacay, I was thankful because I was able to spend my time with the whole family.

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