My Boracay 2019 Day 5 (Summer Diaries Special)

Last Day at Alta Vista de Boracay

Here is the continuation of my Summer Diaries Special, and I am going to share about our Boracay 2019 Vacation Day 5. Hubby and I wanted to go back to Puka Shell Beach. The kids wanted to collect seashells and have a morning swim. Our worry was if we will push through with that itinerary, nobody would buy food for the rest of the family members who will stay in the loft room for lunch and dinner. We made sure, though, that we squeezed our time in the morning to swim with the kids in the infinity pool. Though we were not satisfied with the loft room in Alta Vista de Boracay, our consolation prize is the swimming pool. As long as the kids are enjoying, I can temporarily forget that I was disappointed.

lobby at Alta Vista de Boracay
Shane at Alta Vista de Boracay

As early as 6:15 am, we were already in the lobby so we can wait for L’Altura where they serve the buffet breakfast. While waiting, I spoke to the front desk officer that we would be out to transfer to another hotel. I informed her that two adults and one kid would be staying, and the senior citizen will be the one to check out the following day. We also paid the excess fee for the breakfast of P175.00 for two days. With that, my father won’t be having trouble during the checkout.

at the veranda with Hubby at Alta Vista de Boracay

Breakfast at Alta Vista de Boracay

We had our breakfast first before the morning swim and luckily, we were able to dine with a mountain view. So far, it was a great morning.

l altura

The kids can survive with cereals and eggs. I usually pick chicken, pasta, eggs, and hotdogs. What I don’t like is that they don’t have an egg station where you can order on the spot, and they cook on the place too. Hubby had to request the staff for eggs to be served in our table. As for the sweets—Uhmmm, it’s understandable that they don’t have cakes and ice cream cos it isn’t a five-star hotel anyway.

infinity Alta Vista de Boracay

SWIMMING TIME before check out

To fully enjoy our Boracay 2019 vacation, we made sure to bond with the kids before we check out at Alta Vista. After the breakfast, at past 7 am, we got ready to swim with the kids.  Morning swim was our bonding with the kiddos and we had the fulfill that promise.

family pic at the infinity pool
family pic at Alta Vista de Boracay
High Cut Backless Swimsuit

Affordable Meals at City Mall

After swimming, we went to Citymall to buy groceries for the rest of the family members and lunch. We have discovered an eatery near BDO in Citymall (you will just walk across) where you can buy affordable “lutong bahay” dishes– lumpiang gulay for only P10 each, 1 cup of rice for only P10, the pork dishes for P40 and fish for P50. Most of the people eating there are tricycle drivers. You can come here if you are in a tight budget. Too bad, we just discovered this place on that day 🙁

Chalet Tirol where you can buy affordable lutong-ulam at Boracay Island.

Just across the eatery, you will find Belmar’s store where you can buy plastic bag and other stuff.

belmars store.

After having our lunch in our hotel room, we packed our things, sorted out the wet clothes

Check in at Estacio Uno Boracay

We transferred to Estacio Uno Boracay with the help of BPHT and after few minutes of verification, we were given seashell necklaces and welcome drinks.

check in at Estacio Uno Boracay

This is my second time in Estacio Uno and though the hotel is kinda small compared to other beachfront hotels, I like the interiors and the service.    There are only few things they have to improve but overall, I recommend this hotel and probably would be back some other time.

bruce and hubby waiting while checking at Estacio Uno Boracay
bruce at Estacio Uno Boracay
Bruce enjoying his welcome drink

We loved the room though it is small because of its chic design.  We only brought 1 kid with us because we would pay extra for additional guests.  Aside from that, the room is only good for two adults.

Our poolside room at Estacio Uno Boracay

After checking in, we rested for a while because it’s still freakin’ HOT outside and I had a cup of coffee while picking what we will wear for the rest of the day until the following day.

After the coffee break, we went out for the afternoon swim.

free toiletries from Estacio Uno Boracay

I super loved their free toiletries and what they don’t have in other hotels is here– the sewing kit for wardrobe malfunction.


What we enjoyed about our Boracay 2019 vacation is our swimming at the White Beach.

afternoon swim beach


Getting Ready for our Dinner

After the swimming, we got ready for our complimentary dinner in Estacio Uno and I thought we would have a problem because the front desk staff were not aware of that.  They told me that they only provide the guests with complimentary breakfast but the dinner is NOT complimentary.  I informed them that I only got the info in the hotel voucher and after a minute of verification, they asked us to choose from the menu of worth P1,000.

Surprisingly, the food is affordable– you can buy double burger patty with fries for only P185.  Other dishes were only averaging to P200 up and the food tasted good.

We just had the food served in our room because we were not comfortable eating in the lobby, hahaha!

dinner in our room at Estacio Uno Boracay in our Boracay 2019 vacation

After the dinner, we decided to sleep early because it will be the last day in Boracay the following day and whether we like it or not, we have to go back in Manila 🙁


  1.  This day, I have realized that despite of being upset for different reasons, we still have to manage how to smile and be positive.
  2. We just realized we should have discovered the affordable eatery right away.  In that way, we could have saved a lot of money.  We just chilled in the first few days because what we have in mind is that we still have the time to explore.  Lesson learned:  Do what you have to do before it’s too late.
  3. We were glad we have organized everything in advance that’s why we didn’t have any hassle this day.

I was glad that I booked at Estacio Uno for an overnight stay; otherwise we wont enjoy our Day 5 of our Boracay 2019 vacation.

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