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Hello!  This is Day 4 of our 6 day Boracay Summer Diaries.  If you have read my previous post, I was disappointed with our loft room.  After checking in to Alta Vista de Boracay, we have rested the previous night to devote the following day to bond with the 3 kids at Puka Beach and the hotel’s infinity pool.

corridor before breakfast.jpg

So, after the disappointment I had with our loft room, I had to think how are we going to be productive that day. (Yes, I was soooooo disappointed  because the room is quite old and the furnitures are also outdated already.  They need to make a MAJOR room makeover). 

every summer has a story

As what the pic says, “Every summer has a story and our stay with Alta Vista was a nightmare.”

We have prepped our day by starting to fill our tummies with their buffet breakfast.  The restaurant was already jampacked with guests so we just had our buffet breakfast in the basement.


breakfast day 1

Well, the food was just ok, but nothing spectacular with the taste– it was like I ate a cardboard with a flavor.  Just for the sake to have energy for our morning bonding with the kids and for getting the worth of what we paid for, we ate the food.

The pool was so inviting, but we had to resist the temptation because we had to go to Puka Beach that morning.  Heading there in the afternoon would definitely be sooooo hot.

to the hymettus bldg

We went back to the room to change and get our stuff.  I was so disgusted because we were 6 in the room but there were only toiletries for two pax.  In Ambassador where we checked in from the 29th til May 1, 2019, they provided toiletries, freebies like coffee and tea for 5 adults and replenish the supplies on a daily basis.  In Alta Vista, I had to request for slippers– they did NOT anticipate what the guests would be needing.  I even requested for additional toiletries as well– Oh my!  I went there for vacation but I was even more stressed.  You had to REQUEST for something they did NOT provide.

When we went to the lobby to wait for the shuttle service, the guard asked us to be seated for a while and he will just call us as soon as the shuttle arrives.  To our dismay, the shuttle arrived but he didn’t call us.  We were about to stand but there was no room for us anymore, so there was noting to do but to wait for another shuttle.  After 15 minutes, we were able to have a ride.


waiting for the shuttle to the puka beach.jpg

When we were already dropped to PUKA BEACH, we were directed to the towel booth where we were given 5 beach towels to use and we were given a small table and thin bench where we can sit for a while and place our stuff.

towel area puka.jpg

towel area

bench and small table puka.jpg

When we arrived, we almost have the beach to ourselves– only few guests of Alta Vista were there so the kids were excited to have their morning swim.

bruce puka

The kids enjoyed picking up shells in Puka Shell Beach.  They were amazed to see the sand there is different than the powdery white sand in White Beach.

sand at puka

After picking up shells, the kids enjoyed swimming for a while because after limited time of bliss, it was replaced by another disappointment.  Just in an instant, with my own eyes, I witnessed how Puka Beach has transformed into a jetty port!

puka port pic.jpg

The boats that were scheduled to have island hopping docked in the swimming area and so the other guests got furious as well.

Oh well, our day was ruined already and it’s a loooooong day so I thought we were already there so we should just enjoy the beach anyway.

family pic puka 1

I temporarily forgot everything because Hubby treated us for ice cream, hehe!

I admired the ice cream vendor because he really waited for the ice cream wrappers and provided a plastic bag where we can place the trash so the cleanliness of the beach will be maintained– VERY GOOD!  He even gave us a tip that if we really wanted some privacy and have the whole beach to ourselves–without those boats, we should come at 8am or 3pm.  Hubby and I wanted to come back in the morning the following day but the challenge would be the schedule– if we can provide food for them until dinner we can hit the beach the whole morning.

After last round of swimming and collecting seashells, we went back to the hotel already because we need to go to the Citymall to buy food for dinner.  We just had cup noodles for lunch so since the following day we will leave the 2 kids and my father in Alta Vista, we need to have stock of groceries for them.  Hubby and I, together with Bruce will transfer to Estacio Uno so we really have to make sure that everything is organized and that there will be no hassle as well.

citymall boracay

We have bought groceries in Crafts of Boracay and Budget Mart and the products are quite expensive and we were surprised because in Savemore in Citymall, the prices didn’t change.  Every week, we do our grocery shopping either in SM Masinag and Savemore in Xentro Mall Antipolo so we know the prices 🙂


We even discovered that you can buy inexpensive rice meals here but unfortunately we couldn’t bear the long queue for payment so we just decided to order in Jollibee instead.

dinner veranda.jpg

dinner at the veranda

We made use of the veranda not to dry the clothes because there was nothing pleasant to the eyes to view here.  We opted to just stay in the bedroom in the loft to rest in our free time.  Too bad, there was NO television in the loft bedroom so we were really bored to death:-(

drying clothes at the veranda.jpg

We need to make the most out of our disgusting stay in Alta Vista so we went for a night swimming. We liked the infinity pool but then you cannot have pool-hopping just like what we have done in Fairways last year.  Their attendants were nice as well and we didn’t have any misunderstanding with them regarding the towels that we have borrowed.

jasmine pool.jpg

What I liked about the pool attendants was that they really look after the guests especially the kids.

night swimming.jpg



After the night swimming, it’s a mom’s instinct to organize all the things that the kids will be needing when we leave the following day.  I even called the front desk to make sure that we won’t have any problem with the check out because my father will be the one to get the refund for the incidental deposit.


  1.  I have managed to control my temper in situations like this– before I would confront the staff and would demand to speak with the manager if needed.  I have learned to use my precious time to things that needed immediate attention.  I knew that I would just waste my time doing so.

2.  I was the one to be blamed for having this kind of experience.  I have assumed that           Alta Vista is like Fairways and I have not done my research.  I have discovered                     how terrible their service is when I have read the reviews but unfortunately, it                   was too late because I couldn’t modify or cancel my reservation anymore.  I was                 deceived by the pictures and I admit, dear readers that it was an HONEST mistake.             I am correcting this mistake by letting you know that it’s not wise to spend your                 money in this hotel.  If you would like to be away from the busy White Beach but               still want to have an excellent and blissful vacation, choose Fairways & Bluewater             Boracay.

That’s it for now!  Watch out for my Boracay Day 4 VLOG here.


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