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It was our last day in Ambassador in Paradise, so sad to leave because of the super nice location– just few steps from our suite to the beach (That’s what I actually loved about a beachfront hotel) 

I didn’t want to cram at the last minute so the night before, I already have organized our stuff.  I have separated what we will wear that morning and prepared a separate bag for the wet clothes.  We had our morning walk and swim at the beach and we were able to have a family picture taken before heading to the breakfast buffet at Al Fresco Restaurant.  

family pic 2


It was our second day of having our breakfast in Ambassador in Paradise and still I didn’t have any complain with the TASTE of their food though they only have LIMITED selection.  I have survived that morning with chicken, hotdogs, egg and pasta.  The only thing that I have noticed is that they do not have sweets.  It would have been a nice treat if they have served cakes or other desserts like what they have in other hotels.  (The Linden Suites which I did not recommend served cakes and Edsa Shangri-la served ice cream in their breakfast buffet). The hotel was categorized as five star so the guests would really look for that standard.  It would be safe for the hotel not to claim itself as a five star when in reality it’s not.  It’s already evident -it’s not a 5-star hotel.– I would rate them as a 4-star hotel.  (For the complete details, please check my separate post about my hotel review).


After the breakfast, I just stayed in the beachbed in the pool area and watched my kids enjoy the pool for the last time.

beachbed ambassador

After we have taken a shower, we already prepared for the check out.  I was prepared to have my vlog launch at Alta Vista de Boracay as I have already pictured something like Fairways & Bluewater Boracay .  Last year, just before the Boracay closure, we were able to book a 3d/2n stay there and we were totally impressed with the breathtaking views and we have enjoyed our “pool-hopping.”  Even if it’s not situated in the White Beach, everything you need is already in the property (different restaurant choices, high class facilities like the gym, spa and swimming pools).  They have their own convenience store near the gate but in case you need more stuff to buy, Citymall is just across the property.  They also have a shuttle service that will take you to the D’mall for free.

check out ambassador

So, I was excited to transfer to Alta Vista de Boracay because of what I have visualized in my mind.and what I saw in the room photos.   We didn’t have any problem checking out in Ambassador, but we stayed there in the lobby for few minutes to wait for the multicab service provided by BPHT.  ‘

At the time we were in the lobby of the hotel, there were many guests but we were able to check in after few minutes.  Ms. Maricel explained everything clearly (including the breakfast stubs and the shuttle service to Citymall and Puka Beach).


the friendly front desk staff

check in.jpg

After filling out the form, we waited for a while then we got our breakfast stubs, wristbands for the shuttle service and the old-fashioned room key.  (Yes, you read it right, an OLD FASHIONED KEY!).  Oh well, so this was the start.  I expected that they would give us the keycards like they do in luxury hotels and even in a 3-star hotel like Microtel, but I didn’t mind that at first because I thought we would have a nice loft room anyway.  

stubs and wifi password

We had internet access that we were not able to use for 4 days and 3 nights so we ended up using our LTE connection instead ALL THE TIME.

lobby while waiting

We were given welcome drinks while waiting for our loft room


We were assigned in the Hymettus Bldg. on the 3rd floor where loft rooms are located.  I booked a loft room because we are 6 in the family and because we only have 2 room choices (the studio/de luxe suite and the loft suite), that’s the best choice that we have.


When I entered the room, I didn’t get impressed.  You will see my reaction caught in the video in my review about Alta Vista de Boracay.  It was just a STANDARD  loft room— nothing special and pleasant to the eyes.  At the back of my mind, I thought “There’s NO way I would formally launch my vlog here as this property didn’t even pass to my standards.”  So since I was scheduled to have a feature of Lemon Cafe that night, I opted to just have my vlog launch there.

veranda jasmine

the veranda

veranda view

(It’s a nice place to dry the clothes but hubby told me he doesn’t like the view either.) 

After putting our things in the loft room, hubby and I, together with the 2 kids got ready for our afternoon walk in D’mall.    There’s a waiting area for the shuttle service going to Citymall.  The road was still under road construction at that time, so they only drop their guests there.  You need to get a multicab going to D’mall.

shuttle waiting area.jpg

We had a hard time waiting for a ride; luckily, we were able to spot one and we paid P15 per head.

waiting for ride to dmall

while waiting for a ride in Citymall

After the short walk to Station 2 beachfront, we walked in D’amll where Lemon Cafe is located.


(For the details about Lemon Cafe’s bestsellers, I will be writing a separate post about it.  )  I formally launched my vlog here so it was something special for me.  I will allot a year for me to have more subscribers and content.  i am still new with vlogging so it takes time for me to edit one vlog post coz I have to put raw videos, selected pics together, trim or cut unneccesary clips and apply music and graphics to it– it requires a lot of time.  Probably in my next visit to my favorite summer destination, there will be two major celebrations (the renewal of vows we had on April 30 and the vlog launch on May 1).  I think I will be relaunching my vlog too– so BACK-to-BACK celebration!


dinner lemon cafe.jpg

watermelon ginger juice.jpg

I chilled with a glass of watermelon ginger juice

Our tummies were fueled after the hearty dinner and I was even more speechless when I saw what they have prepared for dessert.  That’s my weakness— DESSERTS to temporarily forget the disappointments I had experienced.  I was in cloud nine that particular moment and I felt like a kid again.  I liked the salted caramel and lemon meringue especially.


I would like to thank the staff of Lemon Cafe, to Ms. Sarah who let us taste their bestsellers (main dishes, juices and desserts ) and to Jenny for taking care of our needs while we were there though they were super busy at that time, but they have given us an excellent service.  Kudos to the team and cheers for more years of serving Boracay tourists with delectable food and exceptional service.

with the staff

with the staff of LEMON CAFE

After the sumptuous dinner, we checked the beachfront to see whether there were still parties just like the old Boracay that we have known for.  They still have the parties but the dancers or party people were not in the beachfront, they were inside the establishments.  So you see, there was a BIG improvement in terms of DISCIPLINE and though it was quite strange because for so many years, we got used to see people and firedancers party in the beachfront, but I actually loved the NEW Boracay.

After that, we went to Budget Mart to shop for groceries and just like what we have experienced in Crafts of Boracay, the prices of the products were higher compared to the groceries here in Manila.  It would be better to buy in Citymall because the prices compared to the groceries here are the same.  At that time, we have not been to Citymall yet so we didn’t know that.  (It’s OK, we learn from our own experience.).

We had a hard time looking for a multicab that would take us to D’mall.  We found one but the driver contracted us to pay P150 and because we were exhausted already and we were desperate to go back to the hotel and rest, we agreed. We waited for the shuttle service from Citymall to Alta Vista and then because we were dead tired, we didn’t manage to have a night swimming like what we have planned before.

Before sleeping, we had to move the other bed in the loft because my hyper five year old kid jumps and we were afraid that he might fall if we didn’t do so.


  1.  I didn’t make  a wise decision to book a loft type room in ALTA VISTA De Boracay.  If only I have booked in advance, I would have booked a one or two bedroom suite in Fairways and we won’t be disappointed like this.  There was only ONE television in the living room and that was already occupied by my father so I couldn’t watch my favorite TV programs.  There was no privacy as well if you will stay with your whole family.  It was just applicable for smaller groups.  (The detailed description about the review will be written in a separate post). 
  2. It would be better to organize everything so there would be no cramming on your end– we were able to do that when we have packed everything in advance prior to the check out in Ambassador in Paradise.
  3. I super loved the NEW Boracay and it would be an excellent example to the youth on how they should preserve the environment and dispose garbage/trash properly.  i would love to integrate these in my lessons.
  4. We gave time for ourselves to rest and we didn’t abuse our bodies at all.  It’s a good thing that we are disciplined as well.

NOTE:  You can view Day 3 of My Boracay 2019 Vacay VLOG here.





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