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This BORACAY trip was intended primarily for a special event which was the renewal of our vows.  I surprised hubby with this and we planned this event secretly with the members of my family for almost a year and a half.  We had lots of changes— the original plan of having a beachfront wedding at Estacio Uno , then I coordinated with Mama’s Fish House because I had to cut down expenses, but then since hubby’s relatives and some of our friends can’t go to Boracay, I decided to just have an intimate renewal of vows instead.  And now for the final change, with the help of Ms. Mariel of BPHT, I thought of having our renewal of vows on a boat.  Yey!  

jas pool background

Ever since we visited Boracay for the first time in 2011, we always make it a point o visit or have a picture with this Gorilla.  So, since we stayed in Ambassador in Paradise for 3 days and 2 nights, we were free to have pictorial with this celebrity, hehehe!

with the gorilla 2

with hubby 2

After a tiring day that we had the previous day,  we woke up before 6am and had the traditional morning walk just near Willy’s Rock.  We did not swim because we had to go straight to Al Fresco Restaurant for the breakfast buffet at 6:30am.

towel area ambassador

the towel area @the Ambassador in Paradise Hotel

Hubby went out first to return the towels we borrowed the previous night and I wondered why he has not come back yet, so I decided to go out already.  I was right with my instinct that he had encountered a problem.  He returned 5 towels but he only got 3 towel cards- the staff told him that the two other cards were missing!  When I heard that, I thought we would have a problem checking out because 1 missing towel card costs P1,600 and that would mean we would pay P3,200.  Of course, if they would ask us to pay for the missing cards, I would complain because we have returned 5 towels and it was not our problem if they have lost the two cards.  The staff assured us that the incident will be reported so at least we didn’t have to worry about anything at all– especially that the we were about to celebrate a very important event on that day.


breakfast @ Al Fresco Restaurant

I didn’t want to ruin our special day so we just enjoyed the morning and filled our tummies with great food.  I  was super satisfied with our breakfast (being a very picky eater, it means the restaurant did a very good job because I was satisfied )— Hubby and I had a heavy meal because we knew that we would have a late lunch.

While I was taking a shower, hubby left to buy food @ Andok’s for the other family members.  We didn’t have our lunch yet because we were still full at that time.  We decided not to let my father and youngest kid join us because we already have anticipated the scenario–There would be a senior citizen complaining about the long walk and joint pains then a hyper kid who would run, jump and roll on the floor.  So only the two kids went with us in that event.


I really couldn’t wear the white wedding gown because I wasn’t able to press it, so I just chose an off-shoulder light pink glittery dress that I would wear supposedly in the reception.  Hubby also didn’t want to get too much attention if we are going to walk in Station 1 in front of Astoria and wait for the boat tom dock.  If only I had pressed the gown the day before, I won’t mind the attention that we would be getting (hi hi hi!)

For the make up, I settled for the simple and natural look– wearing heavy make up would be a problem especially if I decide to swim after the event.  After applying the sunblock and day cream, I just put a little foundation and pressed powder with very light coral blush, bronzer and highlighter.  Special thanks to Anne Viray for the makeup tips!  I also didn’t style my hair- just sprayed it with Tresemme Hair Spray for the sides and just combed it.

We arrived at the pick up point (in front of Astoria) before 11am.  After few minutes, Mark and Ms Mariel of BPHT arrived and I received my bouquet of pink and white roses.

before the rov

It was my first time to meet Ms Mariel in person though I coordinated with her regarding our roundtrip transfers since 2016 through phone or email.  They decorated the boat with white and pink organza fabric and combination of red and white roses.   After few minutes, Pastor Angelo and Pastor Peter arrived and we have chosen to dock in a quiet spot at Puka Beach for the ceremony.



(For the complete details about our renewal of vows, you may check the updates here in my site or YouTube channel.)

with pastor angelo and peter

kiss beach

After the ceremony, we dropped Pastor Angelo and Pastor Peter in Puka Beach then we have decided to swim since we have plenty of time left.  Part of our itinerary was Ilig-iligan Beach.  While we were in the boat on the way to that beach, we have changed to rash guards so we can have our afternoon swim since we didn’t swim that morning.  As soon as the boat has docked, to our surprise, two police officers approached the boatmen and we have already sensed that we were in trouble.

Hmmm!  We were in trouble!  (Self-check:  Have we violated the rules? ) As far as I know, it was included in our itinerary so I thought that they were not aware that docking and swimming there was not allowed.  I called Ms Mariel and she informed me that they didn’t know about this yet.  Of course, if they already know that it’s not permitted to dock there, why would they include it in the itinerary?

One of the policemen went to our boat to get our IDs for the police report.  That was something that I can’t forget.  After the renewal of vows, we should have enjoyed, but it turned out to be a TOTAL DISASTER.  We were not able to use the remaining hours for the island hopping since we rented that boat for 4 hours.  We didn’t blame the boatmen nor BPHT because nobody wanted this to happen.  The boat provider was fined P11,000 and the boat was put on hold.  We were dropped to Station 1 where we were picked up because they will go to the jetty port.  In the video below, you will see that the two policemen were with us in the boat.


After the incident, we just went back to the hotel to rest and have lunch.  After that, we headed to the beach for the afternoon swim.  After the renewal of vows, we gave the remaining hours and days for the kids to enjoy.

no island hopping

family pic beach afttie


kyle and shane.jpg


After the afternoon swim and gazing at the adorable sunset, we went to the pool for another round of swimming.  Just like what hubby said, this vacation is not just for the two of us, it’s for the kids to enjoy 🙂


  1.  As much as I wanted to have my vlog launch on the boat or during the island hopping, it didn’t push through because of what happened. I just planned to have it either in Alta Vista de Boracay where we will check in the following day or in Lemon Cafe.

One thing that I have learned from this incident is not to freak out or overreact.                  Even the policemen who got our IDs for verification was calm in talking with us                  and the boatmen.  I think there was just a misunderstanding, but they should have            listened and spared them.  Nobody wanted this to happen that’s why i didn’t blame            anyone for this.  I just accepted what happened and enjoyed the rest of the day.

We also thought that we were still lucky because somebody asked if we wanted to               have our renewal of vows in Ilig-iligan Beach or in Puka Beach.  We just chose the             latter, and we were glad we did because if not, we wouldn’t have renewed our                     vows that day.

2. Another lesson was not to expect too much.  Because Ambassador in Paradise                     was categorized as five star hotel, I expected the same service and special                             treatment like what we have experienced in Edsa Shangri-la, and Discovery                         Hotels.  I thought they would give us a small surprise as well.



3.  No matter what happened to you, all you can cling to is your family so value the time that you have with them.  At the end of the day, before going to sleep, I thought of the vows that we have exchanged.  We didn’t have the time to write our vows so we just did it on the spot.  Hubby said he’s not that showy of his feelings but he did not leave me especially when I need someone to be with.  He already proved it to me a lot of times and exchanging the vows in front of our children is something that I would cherish til my last breath.

Despite of what happened, I would like to thank Ms. Mariel of BPHT for helping me out with this idea.  I just spent less than 20k for the intimate renewal of vows ceremony on a boat.  There was no special dinner and vlog launch but I got what I wanted already.  Of course, if you wanted to upgrade like hiring a make up artist, have the ceremony in the beachfront and set up a special dinner for your guests, it would cost more.  Let me tell you more how I renewed our vows on a budget in a separate blog post.

Til next post, dear readers and don’t forget to subscribe in my YouTube channel.

You can watch my vlog here.




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