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How I renewed our vows

Hello! I posted last year about my plans of renewing our vows in Boracay but due to the island’s rehabilitation and closure in 2018, it did not materialize.

Probably you are asking why do we need to renew our vows? First of all, we were not able to have a decent wedding in 2002, it was just an ordinary civil wedding ceremony in Taytay but years passed by and as my kids grow and as we age as well, I realized that I wanted to march down the aisle — not in the church but at the beachfront of Boracay.

I started planning about it- I started with Estacio Uno but I cancelled it due to financial problems. I had to think of cheaper options until I thought of having it in Diniwid Beach instead and Mama’s Fish House for the reception.

I actually forgot about the whole thing until this March, Ms Ella, my make up artist reminded me about it and that’s when I started to fix everything at about 2 months before the event– when everybody is super busy and I feel stressed as well.

I thought of having my intimate renewal of vows in Ambassador in Paradise resort in Station 1 where we booked for April 29 to May 1. The package is around P52,000 including the food for 5 pax, but still I want to cut down the expenses, so I decided to contact BPHT and arranged for a renewal of vows on a boat and they will just decorate it with white and pink roses and sheer organza. I really loved the idea and it’s a lot cheaper as well. My only problem is the reception area. I’m torn with having lunch in Tabon Baybay in their buffet lunch area, having a private dinner for two either on Discovery Shores or Ambassador or having it in Mama’s Fish House.

This one is much different than a traditional wedding so less preparation and stress on my part. I already purchased my white beach dress and accessories online. I am arranging whether we can have a pastor to officiate the ceremony, but just in case, a family member can officiate it. We did not hire a professional photographer, I just have my eldest kid Kyle and my Papa to assist me with the videos and photographs. There will be no favors as well as we did not invite guests, it will just be a very intimate ceremony and lunch.

So, how did I manage to have renewal of vows with a P20k budget?

  1.  This is a very intimate event so I did not invite guests- just hubby and I, our 3 kids and my father.
  2. I just arranged a boat renewal of vows which cost me around P6,500 plus decorations of pink and white roses for P400 per dozen.
  3. We just had family dinner @ Mama’s Fish house.  I didn’t ask anymore about a special set up because it will cost me P3,500.  We just ordered a la carte.
  4. With the help of BPHT, we finally had a pastor to officiate the renewal of vows for P5k.
  5. We did not have the exchange of rings (we were not able to buy a set yet).
  6. Instead of buying sand ceremony kit, I opted for the dark chocolate and wine ceremony.  We bought these in the grocery store a night before the event.
  7. I cancelled the make up artist service 3 weeks before the event because I will save P9,100 (that actually I have used to pay the pastor and for the family dinner)

It’s not how expensive your wedding or renewal of vows is, but how memorable is it.  I do not have to spend a fortune to have a unique and memorable event.

Interested in renewing your vows or getting married in Boracay Island? Watch out for my blog posts and vlogs about the preparation and for the event itself. I might go live on Facebook  later.  See you!

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