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nexus reception

the friendly staff @ Nexus 1 Body Spa

As part of my preparation for our upcoming summer trip in Boracay next week, I booked a body scrub, Swedish massage , manicure and pedicure at Nexus1 Body Spa in Xentro Mall Antipolo.   I would like to achieve that summer glow  ( radiant skin before our trip and I wanted to destress as well) Well, I’ve made the right decision to try their service.  At first I was hesitant because I thought I would also be disappointed like what I have experienced in Nails Glow Xentro Mall, but because it is the nearest nail salon/spa in our area and I didn’t want to come back anymore at Nails Glow, I had no choice but to give it a try.    In my first visit, I was very pleased and amazed because the staff treated us well and unlike the other spa attendants who refuse to answer queries and quite rude to their clients.  Even the owner greeted us with a smile. No wonder why their clients keep coming back (they have excellent service, affordable prices and nice treatment to their customers).


Just in case you have followed my previous posts, you might have discovered that I really like to destress and I am very particular with the place, class and exceptional service.  Sometimes, you can be fooled by a classy reception, but when you enter, you will discover how untidy the place is and how gross the materials they use.  I requested for a quick tour and I was glad that they have granted it 🙂   Now, let us have a tour of the 100 square meter establishment.


They have 6 rooms for body scrub and massage.  The massage area was larger than what I expected– each space is separated by curtain but the furnishings and designs are of excellent taste.

While waiting, because they still have to prepare our rooms and my father’s foot wash, we were offered with the very refreshing ginger tea.  I also booked a Swedish massage and they gave us 20% discount because he is a Senior citizen.  My hubby didn’t book for a service but they offered him a tea too.

ginger tea

ginger tea for me and hubby 🙂


While my father was having his foot wash, I was in the massage area and after I have worn the boxer shorts and cover, we already proceeded with our body scrub session.

inside the massage area



They have two kinds of body scrub- the Apricot and salt.  I already have tried Kojic salt that’s why I chose Apricot this time.  It’s cream based but it has also beads and I didn’t feel itchy during and after the treatment.

apricot body scrub

cream based Apricot body scrub

body scrub


When I go to the spa , I always check the restroom/shower area.  So far, the spas that I have visited with clean and impressive restrooms are Soulscape Spa in Marcos Highway and Z Spa in Pasig City (with sauna and bath tub)  .  I didn’t expect that it would meet my standards, but congratulations, you’re now in my list as one of the best spas I’ve visited.

I was impressed with their restroom and shower area– the rooms are very clean.  They already have prepared the towel, new cover and boxer that I will use.  After the hot shower, I headed to the room for the Swedish massage.


I enjoyed the Swedish massage– I requested for light pressure as I don’t want to feel like being beaten after the treatment.

Swedish massage.jpg


After the relaxing massage, April gave me hot towels and ginger tea.

ginger tea after the treatment


It was already past 6pm when we were done with the massage, so we headed to the nail area right away,


I quickly chose the colors for the toenails and fingernails.  I settled something green for the toenails and bright pink polish from Orly.


Now, I am summer ready– thanks to Nexus 1 Body Spa for the affordable packages!  You may check them at Xentro Mall and avail their summer promo.    For the complete video, please click the link and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Til my next post “-)


2/F Xentro Mall Antipolo, Mambugan, Antipolo City

                                                 Mobile number:  0966 761 1735





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