The Apps I Use in My IPhone 6S Plus

Hello, everyone!  I got my new Iphone last week because I have renewed my postpaid plan with Globe for another 24 months.  I would have preferred the Iphone X but since I am cutting down our expenses, I settled for the unit with no cash out. In this post, I am sharing the apps I use in my Iphone 6s.

My Postpaid Plan

I chose the Plan P1799 because it has almost everything that I want to have except for the unli Smart calls.

  • I have unlimited calls to Globe and TM and this is what I use to contact my family members.  They have postpaid Globe plans too under my account.
  • Another thing that I like is that I won’t worry anymore about texting Smart/TNT mobile numbers because I have unlimited text to all networks (awesome!)
  • I have 11 GB of data (which I really enjoy) because I check emails and messenger once in a while.
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The Useful Apps

So far, I am happy with my phone and I downloaded the apps that I will be needing for work and play 🙂



This app is a must for me because I receive email messages daily.  I have three Gmail accounts:

  1.  For work – I have a Deped email account that I use in school
  2. For my business which I use to send invoices and proposals to clients and where tutor applicants send their resumes.
  3. For personal use (my blogger/vlogger account)



This is where I post my daily status, share pictures to my friends, get announcements for work-related posts, etc. so I really need this.



This is not just for personal use, I use it to communicate with my students and co-teachers.

Facebook Page Manager

fb page manager

It’s easier for me to check my inbox for my business page account and share photos in my blogger fan page account.  I get important chats from our clients and messages from tutor applicants here.



Though I have Safari for searching, I still prefer Google.  I just use this for emergency– if I have to do some research.



Ever since I decided to vlog, I have this app in my phone.  This is where I post the video and then share it to my personal FB page and fan page.



I use my phone in taking photos and videos for my blog posts and vlogs so it’s very convenient to have this app in my phone.  It’s easy to use — in editing and adding audio and text to my videos.  After that, the video can easily be shared in YouTube and Facebook.



I just added this so I can easily check my stats and edit or post easily if I want to.



This is a must in my phone because photos are automatically shared to my Facebook page.

Merriam Webster


I use this to check the meaning and pronunciation of the words if I am not sure before I teach in front of my students.



We use this if we are not familiar with the place



We use this if our car is under coding and we have to go to an important meeting.  We also use this if we do not have somebody to drive for us.



I use this to reserve a hotel room without paying in full using my credit card.


disney life

My Globe Postpaid plan comes with a free 6- month subscription so we have to take advantage of this,  I downloaded this in my phone and gave access to my 3 kids.


If I don’t go out, I just choose items here and they deliver in in our doorstep.  There were times though that the quality was in bad taste.  Zalora is better in terms of quality of products, but I just have these apps for convenience.

So far, these are the useful apps that I am using.  That’s it for now.  Next time. I will post about the preparation for our summer trip.

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