Sudden Lifestyle Shift for 2019


Last year and until this year, I have experienced a LOT of STRESS and two of the major roots are: (1) health issues and (2) financial crisis.  Because of this, I have to make an important decision — and that is to make a sudden lifestyle shift.

Fitness day 2

1. Before, I was very conscious with my figure- to the point that I have registered myself for a fitness club even if there were times that I don’t feel well.  A week before my heavy bleeding last year, I still went to the fitness club and probably that was one of the reasons why I felt weak.

DECISION:  I cancelled my membership to that fitness club.  Not only would it help me in keeping my body healthy (because I bleed for strenuous physical activities); it would also help me in saving money.  P2,200 can be allotted to other expenses like food or other bills.


2. Before, I don’t take vitamins, but since I had my heavy bleeding for months, I felt that I should give importance to my health.

DECISION:  I bought Vitamin C and Ferrous Sulfate for  to keep me healthy.



3.   Before, I book staycations often and shop til I drop using my credit cards and as a result, I am now in deep trouble.  I paid two credit cards already in full and as of this writing, I still have two cards to settle.  It’s easily for you to get tempted at first and yes, you will be able to manage your cards for about 2 or 3 years but after that, you will be completely stressed if you were not able to pay the full amount.  I have about 8 credit cards – I got rid of RCBC, and my Metrobank On.  I still have my PNB credit card but I couldn’t use it for emergency , that’s why I do not recommend PNB.  Now I only have Metrobank Mastecard and Visa, 3 Citibank credit cards and My Eastwest Dolce Vita Titanium.  I’ll get rid of the cards I’ve mentioned as I get a lot of harassing calls and messages already– the only one that I will keep is my Eastwest credit card .

DECISION:  After I have settled Metrobank and Citibank, I will already close my accounts to have peace of mind.


4.  From having a postpaid account in Globe Telecoms, I am now considering to shift to prepaid.  I got my Iphone 6 two years ago by availing the postpaid plan.  I usually pay P1,200 or more for my monthly mobile phone bill.  When I forget to pay on time-( in most cases we cannot avoid that because as a working mom, I am really super busy) , they would have service interruption and they will restore the service once you have settled the payment.

I am currently using Smart  prepaid for the tablet I am using for business. I  just spend P850 per month (P350 for unlimited calls to Smart and Talk & Text and unlimited text to all networks.  For the data plan, I register for P99 per week for free Facebook and messenger and 1 gb of video everyday– not bad anymore!

DECISION:  My postpaid plan contract will end this April and I might consider not to renew anymore with Globe.

UPDATE:  Because I’m already having problems with my Iphone 6 (I got that two years ago through my postpaid plan with Globe).  The problem I have is the battery gets drained very fast– I need to have a powerbank with me and I have to charge it after an hour or less.  Unfortunately, I do not have a budget right now to buy a new phone so I just applied an additional line and I will just say goodbye to the phone I’m using right now together with my contact number. 

So, the ending is that I am still with Globe for 24 months  (just for the sake of getting a new phone). 


I am now vlogging!

5.  The best shift is that I added vlogging to what I can do.  I am now in the process of having quality content while I am waiting for my adsense application to be approved.  I am asking your help to please help me in this new interest.  I need to have 1,000 subscribers in my YouTube channel so please subscribe!

I know there are still lots of things to improve, but I can start from here.  By 2020, I should be debt-free and healthy.  Til next post, my dear readers 🙂






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