Vietnamese Food Experience at Ban Be Ca Phe’ (Ca Phe Saigon)

The Ban Be Ca Phe logo in our press trip to Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

Dining at Ban Be Ca Phe is one of my memorable press trips in 2018. This was the last restaurant that I reviewed for the year. I’ve been very busy with work, and there were lots of activities everywhere. This family dinner was special because that night, we also celebrated my son’s birthday. In this post, you will be able to tell why you should visit Ban Be Ca Phe if you haven’t visited the restaurant yet and try their food 🙂

Ban Be Ca Phe is located in upper Antipolo, (near the Pasalubong stores if you will be coming from Masinag Market). The cafe is on the left side, contrary to Waze’s directions, that it is located on the right side. I was so excited because it was my first time to visit a Vietnamese Restaurant and taste Vietnamese food. As expected, I was not disappointed with the food. The only difficulty that we encountered is getting a nice spot to park our car.

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The cafe can can accommodate 50-60 people. It has 3 areas where you can hang out.

The Veranda (Outdoor/Smoking area)

This is perfect for barkadas or groups who like privacy (if there are many people inside) and you would like to breathe fresh air.


Upon.entering, there are usual tables and chairs that you can.use.


Vietnamese seating area at Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo
shanayas Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

.As much as we would like to experience dining in the traditional Vietnamese seating area, we opted to stay in the regular dining area. There were people who were sipping coffee and playing board games at that time.

The place inside is not too spacious, but there is a homey feeling that will make you feel comfortable, and I think it’s one of the reasons why customers keep on coming back aside from the food.



Now, let’s talk about the main reason why you should try BAN BE C PHE. It is my pleasure to present to you their bestsellers.

Because I’m a coffee lover/addict, just as what I previously confessed in my past blog posts, I wouldn’t let it pass without trying their Vietnamese coffee.

hot coffee.from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo
iced coffee from Ban Be ca Phe Antipolo
CA PHE SUA DA (Cold Coffee) P85


BUN TTHAP CAM from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

This is one of their dry noodles made of white noodles, pork, Shanghai and beef rolls.


Pho No.from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo
Lau from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo
LAU (Hot Pot)

Because December was super cold, I prefer to have hot soup. It’s a good thing they have different soups that will suit the preferences of each individual. I liked the simplicity of the Pho Bo, which is made of white noodles and beef . My hubby loved the sweet and spicy taste of the Lau. For the Lau, you can choose whether you will be having the egg noodles (P250 medium) and white noodles (P290 medium). Additional ingredients are available at an additional cost like squid balls, veggies, shrimps, and beef.


Goi Cuom from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

This is one of my favorites. I was amazed because it was my first time to eat Vietnamese spring rolls made of veggies, shrimp, and fresh noodles, served with peanut sauce. I am a very picky eater, and this dish has passed my standards. Well, it’s not just delicious but healthy as well. THUMBS UP!

Vietnamese Shanghai from Ban Be ca Phe Antipolo
SHANG HAI (Ban Be Shanghai) P130

If I was impressed by the Goi Cuon, how would I describe what I felt when I had tried the Vietnamese Shanghai? I was super impressed! It’s hard to find an adjective to express that feeling. I am not much into seafood and meat though I eat Shanghai rolls (but very seldom). When I discovered that this is not made of pork, but noodles, and veggies, I was indeed glad. Why? I could eat as many as I can. And if I haven’t known what it’s made of, I would have thought that it’s made of pork because there is no difference with the taste. The good thing is that this meal is healthy for the body.

com chien from Ban Be ca Phe Antipolo

Another thing that I liked is their Vietnamese Fried Rice. It was so flavorful that even without viand, I would be pleased already. In reality, that would be impossible for us to resist such tasty and healthy dishes. If you are coming as a group, one order won’t be enough cos I’m sure you will be requesting for more.

viet grilled pork from ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

And because we had two kids with us at that time, there was no question why the dish vanished in a matter of seconds, hehehe. My father and I weren’t able to try the Grilled Pork, and he wasn’t even aware that we had that on our table. The kids enjoyed that 🙂 So, if you will be coming with your family and you have kids with you, you know what to order.

Anolon Advanced Home Saucepan with Soup Onyx

Family Bonding

After we have enjoyed the Vietnamese food at Ban Be Ca Phe, it’s hard to leave without having a photo session in their traditional Vietnamese seating area. After the pictorial, the kids played board games and bonded with each other.

vietnamese seating at Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

shane with guitar


I was delighted with their food. Their dishes were done with a twist– suitable for the Filipino customers. I highly recommend this place to those who haven’t been here. This is a kid-friendly place as well as I didn’t expect the kids to enjoy the food, but they did. Aside from serving Vietnamese food, they also have Chicken sisig in their menu for those who are craving for Filipino dishes. Kudos to Ms. Redd and to the staff who made the restaurant a big click to those who would like to try Vietnamese food but at very affordable prices.

What are you waiting for? Ban Be Ca Phe is worth a visit!


Banker’s Village 2, Sumulong Highway, Dela Paz, Antipolo City

0966 814 4492


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