An Exceptional Coffee Experience @ Cafe Esse Antipolo

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life is coffee at Cafe Esse Antipolo
“Life Begins With Coffee”

“Life begins with coffee,” that’s what coffee addicts like me believe in. No matter how complicated life is, one cup of coffee will ease your burden and would make you feel better. I’ve been to several cafes, and there were times that I was disappointed with what I expected from the quality and taste of the food and drinks. I must say that my visit to Cafe Esse Antipolo is one of the best experiences I had.

Cafe Esse is located on the 2nd floor of CEO Building, L. Sumulong Circle, San Roque, Antipolo City. My colleagues hang out here once in a while, and now I know the reason why they keep coming back– it’s because of the superior quality of coffee and delectable food that they serve.

The word esse came from the word EXISTENCE or essence.

Cafe Esse was established on May 15, 2014. For four years now, they continue to satisfy their customers. It caters not only to barkadas who would like to chill but to families who would like to spend quality time together. They also serve colleagues or business partners who would like to have their meetings. When we arrived at the past 4 pm, there were different groups outside in the smoking area (barkadas). Inside, few tables can accommodate 20 pax. Near our table, there was a college student who was doing her assignment or research work while sipping her coffee. (There is FREE WIFI that customers can use).

mirror at Cafe Esse Antipolo
It’s very obvious that I enjoyed their coffee 🙂

Cafe Esse has a function room for special events which can be rented for P5,000 (P1,500 for 3 hours use and P3,500 for consumables).  Extension per hour is P500.

wooden frame at Cafe Esse Antipolo

Here are their bestsellers:

HOT DRINKS at Cafe Esse Antipolo

Hazelnut Latte at Cafe Esse
Hazelnut Latte  (  16 oz  P130 /20 oz P140.)
vanilla machiatto at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Vanilla Macchiato   16 oz P130 / 20 oz P140
matcha latte at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Matcha Latte  (16 oz. P145/ 20 oz P155)

Of the hot drinks, I like the Vanilla Macchiato next to the Hazelnut Latte.

Cold Drinks at Cafe Esse Antipolo


I remember the famous choco-banana fruit shake in Boracay (Jonah’s fruitshake) when I tasted the banana choco-nut frappe.  I prefer the choco mint frappe though because it was very refreshing.


frappes at Cafe Esse
Strawberry Milkshake   P155

Because we brought a 4 year old kid with us, this one is the perfect drink for him.

THE FOOD at Cafe Esse Antipolo

You will not only love their beverages at Cafe Esse Antipolo, but the food as well. I super loved their pasta!  I loved both the Spicy Seafarer and the Creamy Carbonara.  The kids are not pasta lovers like me but they loved both also.

spicy Cafe Esse Antipolo
Spicy Seafarer  P195
creamy carbonara at Cafe Esse
Creamy Carbonara   P195

Introducing Anolon Advanced Home
choco ala mode waffle at Cafe Esse
Choco ala Mode Waffle P115

I felt like a kid again–I loved the combination of chocolate syrup and the waffles topped with cream.

cheesy meat fries. at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Cheesy Meat Fries P110

We love french fries, but we love it, even more, when it is topped with cheese. In less than 3 minutes, the plate was emptied. I was about to get another round, but the food just vanished instantly. I didn’t scold the kids for that– actually, it was already a big achievement if you let them finish eating in a matter of minutes. Usually, it took a long time for them to eat.

3 little pigs at Cafe Esse Antipolo
3 Little Pigs   P190

This is one of the most popular bestsellers, this sandwich comes with potato chips.

classic blt at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Classic BLT P190

Classic BLT is short for sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.It is also served with potato chips.

all day breakfast at Cafe Esse Antipolo
All Day Breakfast  P195

Since the cafe opens at 10am, the All Day Breakfast can be your brunch.  For breakfast, I’m already solved with one sunny side up egg and one regular sized hotdog, but in Cafe Esse, they have 3 small pancakes with a sunny side-up egg, jumbo hotdog, and bacon strips.  This is perfect to be paired with a cup of hot coffee.

enjoying the food at Cafe Esse Antipolo

Hahaha!  It’s evident in the photo that I really love the food.  One sandwich can already fill your tummy so it’s worth every penny that you will spend in the cafe.

pastries at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Cakes and pastries

Unfortunately, we were not able to taste the sweets but definitely we will when we come back.

CR/Washroom Inspection

In my feature about Comida China de Manila, I have mentioned that I was impressed with their washroom.  Well, in Cafe Esse they have a small but very clean washroom.  They have quotes and note written on the wall creatively.

outside cr at Cafe Esse Antipolo

The staff were very friendly and polite.

staff at Cafe Esse
The Cafe Esse Staff
yman and bruce at cafe esse antipolo

Indeed, we had a great time at Cafe Esse Antipolo. You will definitely love their drinks and food and I assure you that you will come back.  For reservations, you may call the contact numbers below.


2/F CEO Building, L. Sumulong Circle, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City

Tel. no.: (02) 507-3956 ; 0927 8610571

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