An Awesome Family Staycation @ The Holiday Inn Manila Galleria

I know that there is no such thing as perfect in this world, but there are cases wherein the positive things that you’ve experienced cover all those imperfections. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the one-bedroom suite that I booked last May 8, but  the warm welcome and genuine smiles of the staff are enough to have an unforgettable family staycation in Holiday Inn Manila Galleria.

check in

After the very hectic day at work, we checked in at the hotel and everything went smoothly.  Though at first, the front desk staff told me that breakfast was not included, after telling her that I inquired via email and phone before I checked in, she spared a minute to double check and after that, she acknowledged that breakfast for two is already included in the room rate; however, we had to pay for the additional two adults.  Buffet breakfast is P1,100 per head but we were able to get a discounted rate of P800 per head.  The two kids were totally free.  The front desk explained to me about that she had to block the amount needed in my balance, incidental deposit and buffet breakfast for two.  She gave us the keycards and wifi password.  If there’s one thing that I love about the hotel–it’s the STAFF.  Everybody in the hotel was polite and attentive to our needs.
luggage assistance

luggage assistance

Even if we did not ask for luggage assistance, somebody was already waiting for us and escorted us to our room.  That was quite a good start 🙂
When we have entered our one-bedroom suite, I was surprised because it was too spacious.  The only negative thing that I can say is that it was kinda gloomy because it was quite bare and dark.  If only they invested in good lighting and purchased modern and elegant furnishings, my rating for them would be 4.5 stars.
Let us have a tour in our suite.
The sofa that they are using are kinda worn out already.  They need an interior designer to plan how to make the suites and rooms elegant.  I like the idea of having a bar/counter in the suite.  They do not have a kitchen where you can cook your own food and wash the plates and glasses that you have used.
There were two large bedrooms– the master’s bedroom where hubby and I and our four-year old kid stayed.  The other one was also large– it’s just that there is no bathroom inside.  The common bathroom is located just in front of bedroom 1.  The beds were comfy and we had no problem with the aircon and television.
Their bathrooms are large also but I prefer the bathroom in the Linden Suites and  Edsa Shangri-la.  The toiletries were also basic, but we didn’t mind at all.
After an hour of resting and fixing our things, we visited our new office in Marco Polo Ortigas and bought take-out foods for dinner in Robinson’s Galleria.  In the 4th floor, we used the direct access  leading to the hotel.  Because we were really exhausted,it was easy for us to fall asleep.


When we woke up, we had a cup of coffee and prepared to go to the gym for workout.  Unfortunately, we didn’t even perspire 🙁  The gym opens at 6 am so we explored the hotel and looked for the swimming pool.
 The changing rooms are not impressive either unlike that of Discovery Suites, Shangri-la and Marco Polo.  I was looking for the jacuzzi but I didn’t find it in the pool area nor the changing room.
At exactly 6 am we were able to get in the gym– my reaction?  I was actually disappointed because it has limited space and we were not able to use the treadmill.  It was already crowded at that time.  We went back to the suite and prepared to have breakfast at Fab at 7am.  (A separate post will be written for my review about their restaurant).


We were taken cared of by the staff @ Fab Restaurant.  All of them were attentive and we felt spoiled.  Food choices were quite okay but there is no pasta and sweets.
Before we checked out, we went to the pool area to have our morning swim.  Though it’s not crowded, we were not impressed with the pool either.  But just like what I’ve said, even if they have imperfections, I loved the way the staff treated us.  We might come back but I guess the hotel needs a makeover because it’s quite old-fashioned and very simple.
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City





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