A Luxurious Family Staycation: A Review of Edsa Shangri-la Manila

There is no such thing as perfection– that’s what they say so as far as expectations is concerned, I always consider that we are only human and sometimes, we commit mistakes whether we like it or not.  Well, yes!  That is indeed a fact, but despite of some flaws or imperfections, an error or a slight mistake is acceptable, but if you have done more than one mistake, especially if you are a luxurious five-star hotel, that one is another story.  Let me share to you about our experience in staying at Edsa Shangri-la Manila a week ago.
As what I have said in my previous post, I wanted to give a memorable birthday gift to my daughter who just celebrated her 11th birthday and that’s the reason why I decided to book an overnight stay in Edsa Shangri-la Manila.

Registration at Shangri-la

I commend the Front Desk Staff for being very professional in dealing with us from check-in to check-out.  Even without asking, ESL offered us luggage assistance, which we appreciated much.   Let’s talk first about the things that we have enjoyed and loved about our stay.

jas lobby



1.  Let us have a tour of our Garden Premier Suite.


When we opened the door, we were impressed with the elegant furnishings.

Living room and birthday treat

Cake from Shangri-La
On the table in the living room, there are welcome treats for us– native delicacies and a slice of birthday cake for my daughter Shane.


Since the suite is for business travelers as well, there is an executive table with charging station and a fax machine.
Morning shane Shangri-la
I didn’t expect that there was an extra bed as I didn’t request one.  Extra toiletries, bathrobe and slippers were also given few minutes before we checked in.


They have a minibar counter wherein you can have goodies and drinks without going out– of course, you need to pay for what you have consumed.


Shower Shangri-La

I loved the spacious bathroom– we had a separate toilet, bath tub area wherein you can hear the sound of the TV program that you are watching in the speakers above.  There is also a shower area and a vanity area with luxurious toiletries.
The walk-in closet is connected to the bathroom and the bedroom.  I would like to adapt that brilliant idea in my own bedroom if I will have it renovated.


2.  The Horizon Club Experience

hrizon sign

If there is one reason I will go back in Edsa Shangri-la, I would say this is our Horizon Club experience.  As a club guest, you will be treated as a VIP and you are allowed to hang out in the lounge and get anything you want for free.  The videos below were taken after we have unpacked our things.  They serve free cocktails and canapes for their guests at 5 to 7 pm.



Yman horizon lounge
If you are practical, no need for you to have dinner somewhere else as they also have rice and other dishes.  Unlike the other luxury hotels that serve concentrated juice, in the Horizon Club Lounge, they serve fresh juice!

Real juice


They are open 24 hours so you can drop there anytime that you wish.  Because we were not there for business, I wasn’t able to use other priveleges like the free usage of the meeting room for 2 hours, the concierge and secretarial service and the free pressing/washing of the suits.


 This is an advantage for a coffee lover like me because you don’t need to have stocks of coffee sachets in your suite.  High tea is also available from 2pm to 4pm.

High tea

3.  The Swimming Pool
The swimming pool is one of my favorite amenities in the hotel.   This is where I can relax and forget all the troubles for a while.  This is also my daughter’s favorite activity—swimming!  The pool is big enough to accommodate the guests while we were there.  I was surprised to see that it’s not crowded.


The staff here were professional and very attentive to the guests’ needs.  As soon as we have arrived, we were assisted with the mermaid tail that I borrowed from the Health Club for Shane to use in swimming and short pictorial.


After the morning swim, my fave part is just to sit in the lounge chairs and watch the people.


4.  The Health Club


In the Health Club, you can use the gym and the jacuzzi and lap pool inside the changing room.



There are cups, water dispensers, and fresh towels available for the guests to use.  There are also few tables and chairs where the guests can sit and have a cup of coffee or tea during break.


Of course, my visit won’t be complete without my favorite— the jacuzzi!

Jacuzzi 2 Shangri-la


The vanity and shower area is clean.   It’s also equipped with everything you need from the toiletries to comb.



5. Kid-friendly 

Cubs and cubbies


They have a play lounge area called Cubs and Cubbies but we were not able to go there because Bruce had to go home on day 1.  Anyway, we were able to borrow a board game and X-box and they connected it in our TV in the suite.  The kids didn’t get bored 🙂 


I also borrowed a mermaid’s tail for Shane to use in swimming and pictorial.
1. No bidet in the restrooms
Toilet In our suite

the toilet area

Though I love their restrooms, it’s incomplete for Filipino guests like me without the bidet.
2.  No dining area in the suite/room

Kids shane’s cake

Probably the reason why they didn’t include a dining area is that they didn’t want the guests to cook or to bring take-out foods in the suite.   I do understand that– but comfortability wise, I think the other hotels are better like the Discovery Suites.
3.  No bubble bath   

Hot tub bath Shangri-La

It would be more fun in the tub if there is a bubble bath included.
4 .A disappointing experience at HEAT, where the guests have their daily buffet breakfast.

family pic 1


We went to Heat at around 6 am for our buffet breakfast.  The lady at the reception named Shai asked for our room number and when she had difficulty finding our names in her list, she ushered us inside so we can sit down while she was checking.  After few minutes, she came back and asked us if nobody informed us that F&B is not included in the room that we have availed.  I really couldn’t believe what I just heard.  I was confused because I received a letter upon checking in that we have complimentary breakfast in Heat or the Horizon Club Lounge as club guests.  I was puzzled  why we were welcome in the Horizon Club Lounge but how come that breakfast is not included in Heat?  She left again to double-check and while she was checking, I dialed 0 and verified if breakfast was really included in our room and when he confirmed that I was right, Shai came back and told us that it was already settled.  She informed us that since we were staying in a suite, it includes 3 free breakfasts.  I was waiting for her to apologize, but she didn’t.  If only I was in the mood to argue, I would– but we were starving at that time so I didn’t waste my energy to ruin my beautiful morning.  We were able to have our breakfast anyway– but I wonder what would have been our expression if she escorted us out of the restaurant.  We could have melted in humiliation! (The food will be reviewed in a separate post.)
After swimming, while I was resting in the lounge chair, I was bothered and suddenly, I just found myself dialing Shangri-la’s trunkline number, and I inquired if I have to settle something aside from the in-room dining we had the previous day.  I just wanted to make sure that there was NO problem anymore with that buffet breakfast.  When I heard the male agent’s answer, I didn’t know if I would get mad or just laugh. Was  I really that stupid not to understand that our breakfast is not included?  Was I just insisting that it should be free?  It’s as if he was wondering why we were able to have breakfast because he was explaining to me that I availed of the advance purchase; therefore, breakfast is NOT included in the rate.  I told him that we availed of the suite and it includes 3 people in the rate.  With that, he put me on hold and transferrred me to the front desk.  It was ringing for about eternity– that I decided to fix ourselves in a flash and appeared instantly in the front desk.
When we were already in the front desk, Ms. Len was there, who was very courteous, amiable and professional.  I was able to control my temper because of the way she handled customers.  She confirmed that our breakfast was included in the room rate and that I only have to settle the in-room dining charge.  She apologized for what happened in Heat that morning (which was actually Shai’s fault) and for the inconsistency of the information of the staff.  So, with that, we were pacified, and I really don’t know what would have happened if Ms. Len wasn’t there.


The conclusion:

If only these incidents didn’t happen, our stay would have been perfect.  I hope that particular incident would serve as a lesson for them on how they would improve their service.


Will I go back?  YES, I love the Horizon Club Lounge, the pool and the jacuzzi, but I hope that those incidents won’t happen anymore.
1 Garden way Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City
Telephone Number: (02) 633-8888


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