Last Day in Paradise Day 3 (TBIP Summer Diaries)

I”ve already mentioned that our Boracay trip is just a peek before its closure that’s why I have designed a short itinerary.  We wanted to make the most out of our short vacay that’s why on our last day we decided to explore Fairways by pool-hopping!  We started by enjoying our view from our terrace.  If only we have booked for a longer stay in the resort, we could have spent our days sitting by the terrace while reading or just admiring the stunning view.

We had our breakfast first at Veranda Restaurant.   It was just okay-enough to fill our tummies and be energized for our planned activity.

Before the pool-hopping, we rode a shuttle to the main gate and had a pictorial with the Fairways sign in the background.

Family pic fairways

Since we already visited the Ventana Pool and the Hideaway Jacuzzi on our first day, we decided to go to the first pool that is open by 7am– the Lucia Pool.

Villa lucia sign


Jasmine lucia pool pink maxi

We thought that we won’t be able to use the pool because there was a sign saying that it’s under maintenance.  Hubby asked permission from the lady guard in Villa Lucia if we can take photos because the pool is not available yet.  To our surprise, she said that we can use the pool,  they just didn’t remove the sign yet.  Yey!  So we chose lounge chairs registrered, and borrowed towels from the caretaker.


Lucia Pool 2

Family pic lucia jacuzzi

We used the jacuzzi first before jumping in the pool.

After swimming in the Lucia Pool, our second stop was Fairway’s private beach.  We didn’t swim in the beach; instead, we just feasted our eyes in God’s great artwork.  At one second, I was considering to rebook our flights for the following day, but then I came back to reality— that we had to go back on that day and rest for one because we would be spending Shane’s 11th birthday on the 19th.  After admiring the beauty of the beach, I promised myself that I would bring my other kids there and we will explore Fairways onext year.



Private beach lounge chairs

Hubby and I were debating whether we will go to Ventana or to the other pools.  I insisted that we already have been there on our first day so it would be better if we try the other pools.  Unlike the Lucia pool, the other pools open by 9am and when we checked the time, it was already 9 am.  Luckily, our feet brought us to the Atlantis pool and we were vey lucky at that time because we had all the pool to ourselves!

Atlantis pool

Jas atlsntis 3

The three of us atlantis

Next to Atlantis, we headed to the Infinity Pool which was a bit crowded.


Infinity pool



We left the Infinity pool at 10am.  We were about to go to the Cabana Pool but we hesitated in a while because BPHT will pick  us up at 11am.  As much as we would like to continue the activity, we had to go back to our villa and prepare our things 🙁  I managed to extend the pick-up time for another 30 minutes and I was really glad Ms. Mariel agreed.   Mark was already in the Veranda Lobby when we arrived and it took us a while to check out.   We left Fairways with a heavy heart because we didn’t want to leave yet…

Whether we like it or not, we had to leave.  Anyway, as Barry Manillow say in his song… “Goodbyes are not forever!”,  let the government and the locals heal Boracay and yes, we will be back in 2019.

Speaking of going back next year, while we were in the Jetty Port, I had the courage to divulge the BIG secret to hubby that I was planning a renewal of vows for us.  Supposedly, the original date is April 30, 2018 but since there were problems with the guests who are coming, we decided to reschedule it on October 30.  When we heard the closure of the island, I rebooked our tickets to 2019 which means the renewal of vows will be rescheduled to its original date which is April 30 but on 2019.  So the next time we go to Boracay, I will be posting not only about our 6-day family vacation but our event as well.



I hope that you have enjoyed reading about our short stay in Boracay.  Watch out for my next posts about Boracay travel and packing tips and itinerary.   Bye for now, dear readers!

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