Le Vain: The Leading Bakery In Baguio City

The Location

              If you visit Baguio frequently, you should know now that Le Vain is the leading bakery in the city of Pines.    People are already sick and tired from the ordinary bread and baked goods they order and they want something different.    I am pleased to announce (if you haven’t heard) that Le Vain Bakery, the first Korean-style bakery in Baguio, offers superior quality breads and desserts.    The Le Vain Bakery has two branches:  the first one we visited is located in the busy Legarda Road and the main branch which is located on Outlook Drive (beside Villa Silvina Hotel)

Le Vain Bakery in Baguio (Legarda Branch)
LE VAIN Legarda Branch
Inside Le Vain Baguio's Legarda branch
Inside Le Vain Bakery Legarda Branch

If I was impressed with the presentation of the breads and pastries in their Legarda branch, the more that I was dumbfounded when we reached the main branch in Outlook Drive.  Upon entering, I admired the stylish interior design (from the ceiling, wooden racks, lighting, and even the food trays used). The bakery also uses top-of-the-line ingredients and makes sure they satisfy their customers.    There is a tarpaulin sign which explains the origin of the name Le Vain and the process of baking breads and pastries.

Le Vain Bakery Baguio's history
Le Vain Bakery Baguio’s history

I wasn’t surprised anymore, why there were many people when we visited– they wanted something special for a snack or breakfast.


Le vain’s Bestsellers

While I was looking at the cake stands, I couldn’t help but salivate over the cupcakes.    I knew I was on a diet, but it was over the holidays, so there’s an excuse to gain a little weight.

Delicious Cupcakes from Le Vain Bakery Baguio
Cupcakes @ Le Vain Bakery

These are the desserts and beverages we tried on our press trip. Omg, I am craving for more! Hahaha! Too bad, they can’t send some love from Baguio to Antipolo!

heavenly slices of cakes from Le Vain Bakery Baguio
The desserts at le Vain Bakery
the heavenly custard bread ffrom Le Vain Bakery Baguio
The heavenly Custard Bread 
The Blogger Princess, dreaming of Le Vain Bakery's Strawberry Praise Cupcake
Yummy!  Up to now, I still dream of this Strawberry Praise Cupcake 🙂

Le Vain is not only limited to selling premium breads and pastries– they also offer pasta and other drinks and beverages.  In the photos above, hubby chose the Strawberry Juice, my daughter picked Cookies and Cream Frappe and because I’m a coffee lover, I settled for the classic Cappuccino.

During my visit, I also had the opportunity to take photos of some of the premium breads that they sell.

Bara Brith from Le vain Bakery Baguio
Bara Brith

BARA BRITH @ P85 each is a premium fruit-like cake topped with walnuts, chestnuts, cranberries, almonds, green peas with cinnamon powder

Baguette from Le vain Bakery Baguio

BAGUETTE @ P120 each is a premium daily freshly baked French bread with chewy taste inside baked with a golden crust (sugarless)

Pizza baguette from Le Vain bakery Baguio
Pizza Baguette

                                PIZZA BAGUETTE @ P120 each is a toasted baguette topped with appetizing pizza ingredients

Espresso @ Le Vain Bakery Baguio

ESPRESSO @ P95 each is a coffee flavored bread filled with mocha butter cream.

They also offer delicious breakfast rolls with bacon and hotdog fillings.

Bacon Egg Roll, Bacon Hotdog Roll and Toasted Ham & Cheese
Mini Sugar Donuts from le Vain Bakery Baguio
Mini Sugar Donut  @ P95 per pack

                       MINI SUGAR DONUTS @ 95 per pack look like Munchkins at Dunkin Donuts.  The only difference I guess is that the mini donuts have the classic sweetened taste.

Thank you to Le Vain bakery for the warm welcome and for making it possible for me to share this with my readers.  They have interesting promos during the Le Vain Day (every 2nd Wednesday of the month).  Check their FB page for more information.  Don’t miss this kind of opportunity if you are in Baguio City.

Le Vain Bakery

#15 Unit G 1, Outlook Drive, Baguio City

(074) 244-7871


Thank you so much for reading this blog post. I’m looking forward to share more of my food trip soon!

Love lots,


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