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Please refer to the requirements that you didn’t submit.  Please see me if there are clarifications before I finalize your grade.

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Alix, Christian Brian

Andliab, Roger

Bering, John Lloyd

Biason, Melvin

Binban, Khelvin Josh

Bolante, Cjay

Bongon, Rainier

Braga, Isaac

Buasan, Ivan

Bunac, Juan Gabrielle

Burabo, Michael Angelo

Caballero, Jericho

Camano, Alvin

Candelaria, Jayson

Pregoner, Erico,

Sagrados, Jodel

Sagrados, Jonel

Bernados, Jenessa

Bognalos, Claudine

Caisip, Elaiza


Alix, Christian Brian

Binban, Khelvin Josh

Biason, Melvin

Balea, Ariel

Bedrijo, Henry

Beleta, George

Belleza, Chris Justine

Bermeo, Eddie

Bernardo, Christian Sheen

Biscante, Roland

Bolado, Mark Jhon

Bolante, Cjay

Bonganay, Lance

Bongon, Rainier

Braga, Isaac

Brobio, Michael Jack

Buasan, Ivan

Bulan, John

Burce, Viejay

Caballero, Jericho

Caberto, Johnsen

Cadezal, Jeffrey

Camanse, Philip

Camano, Alvin

Canotal, Cyrus

Catalan, Ricardo

Dominguez, Jomarie

Esnaldo, Japeth

Pregoner, Erico

Sagrados, Jodel

Sagrados, Jonel

Benson, Danica

Bernal, Eliza

Bolinas, Dona Rose

Brucilo, Bea

Calapan, Samantha

Calianga, Aaliyah

Camama, Aneah

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