Ethnic Musical Instrument Making Workshop @ Crescent Moon

It was just recently that I have discovered Crescent Moon Cafe in Dalig, Antipolo.  What makes them distinct from the other cafes is not only the food they serve but they also offer different workshops.  One of the workshops that I was able to observe is their Musical Instrument Making Workshop facilitated by Sir Jose Vufourth, a Music teacher in HEDCEN Antipolo.   The fee to join is P1,900 per head inclusive of lunch buffet.  This seminar is recommended for MAPEH teachers especially to those who teach the musical instruments.  The students would appreciate it more if they can see their teachers create or play the musical instruments in front of them.


Out of scrap materials, the participants created their own musical instruments and we have also had lecture about the other musical instruments that I honestly do not have any idea with.



The Agogo (a musical instrument that originated from Africa)


This is Kubing from the Philippines but according to Sir Vufourth they also have the same instrument in Vietnam, only the latter is smaller than ours.




The Caxixi


The  Cabeza

I met Divia, an Indian storyteller who participated in this workshop and she created her musical instruments and played the other instruments as well.




The Ethnic Musical Instrument Workshop




The Rattleseed


This one is made from Indian mango seeds.  It will take about less than a month to create this.  It produces a water sound.

The Bungkaka



The bamboo Frog

I was amazed to hear that this sounds like a real frog!

Of all the musical instruments, the SHAKER is the easiest to create.  You only need an empty can and glass beads.



With Sir Jose Vufourth and Divia

I thank Crescent Moon Cafe for inviting me to witness this special event and I have really enjoyed 🙂  For inquiries, you may call the numbers below.


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