Not in Cloud 9 (A Review of Cloud 9 Hotel & Resort)

My ideal way of spending Mother’s Day is just to be with my family– the top place in my list is Cloud 9 Hotel & Resort.  Originally, I just wanted us to have lunch in their restaurant and experience the hanging bridge.  When I called the front desk and learned that we can also swim in the pool even if we did not check in one of the rooms, I instantly informed the kids and we were all excited.  






We went to the Information and paid for the swimming entrance fee (P150 for adults, P80 for kids until 11 yrs. old and P50 for kids less than 3 ft.  After paying, we spent about thirty minutes looking for the swimming pool.  (The pool is hidden so it is not easy to locate and there is no signage that tells the guests where the pool is).  

yman 1

There are no cottages unlike the other resorts in Antipolo, but there are tables and chairs that you can use and those are FREE.  There is a small pool (suited for kids but adults can also swim).  I only stayed there for an hour because I wasn’t comfortable and my skin was beginning to itch.  I took a shower right away and waited for my kids to finish.

pool 2




family pic

While waiting, we have witnessed a kid who got drowned 🙁  The parents were busy chatting in their table and there was no lifeguard at the moment; fortunately, they were able to revive the kid.  After that incident, we asked the kids to get ready for lunch because it was almost 12nn.  There was a long queue in the shower rooms– I waited for more than 30 minutes.  

after swimming


We headed to the restaurant but we were surprised to see people lined up and waiting for their turn to get inside.  We decided to just go to Jollibee for lunch because we were already starving.


7th heaven


hanging bridge


TIPS:  Do not expect too much about the pool- you will just get disappointed.  Though I appreciate the beauty of nature in the property, I was disappointed with the pool and all of us got itchy after swimming.

Call the front desk first to know how much is the corkage fee for the food that you will bring.

Go to the restaurant early to avoid the queue.

Do not go there on weekends — the place is jampacked with people.


It wasn’t the perfect time, I just didn’t like the swimming pool but I don’t have any idea with their rooms.  Will we go back?   We will definitely have lunch or dinner in their restaurant one of these days and try the hanging bridge 🙂




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