A Day As a Mermaid

One of my childhood fantasies is to become a mermaid– and I was ecstatic when I was given a chance to fulfill that fantasy.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I can never forget and it was made possible by the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy.    

cute mermaids 3


I booked for a Mermaid Photo Op for me and my daughter Shane (total of P2,100 ) through Go Discover Travel’s website.  The package includes tail rental for 30 minutes with a guide who will assist you in the photoshoot.   (You have to bring your own camera).   I was instructed to proceed to fisheye Divers in Station 1 beside Starbuck’s Cafe for the meet-up. 

with the mermaid instructor

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the Mermaid swimming instructor and she asked me to sign the agreement/waiver.  Basically it was just about taking care of the mermaid tails– if you were able to damage those, you have to pay P1,000 per tail.


mermaid agreement

I signed the agreement 

After signing the agreement, I was asked to choose the color of the tails.  Luckily, I had the pink one 🙂

choosing the tails

choosing the tails

getting ready for the mermaid experience

Getting ready for the photoshoot 

We started with the two of us  followed by the individual photoshoot.   There were two photographers at that time (hubby used the camera and the mermaid instructor used my phone).  The instructor was the one who directed the poses (She was really patient in teaching us and dealing with Shane’s tantrums at that time).


cute mermaids1


mermaids sideways




mermaid sunbathing


mermaids hello2



shane front


mermaid by the seashore


It was an unforgettable experience because you can keep the photos and show those to your grandchildren that once you have experienced to become a mermaid.  Another thing that made it memorable was that the photoshoot was done in the crowded area of the beach.  We felt uncomfortable at first because we were watched by people (locals and foreigners) and they even took pictures of us.  


mermaid with korean

A Korean asked to have a photo taken with me 🙂

tails up 3


If you are interested to have this kind of experience, you may book directly to their website:  http://www.boracay.travel/ .  





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