TRUE HOME HOTEL: An Affordable Beachfront Hotel in Station 1

Are you planning of a perfect vacation in the world-class summer destination in the Philippines?  If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right blog 🙂  The next thing to do if you have already booked a flight to Boracay is choosing a hotel or your temporary home.  One thing that you have to consider is the station where your hotel is located.

Station 1– if you prefer a tranquil place and would like to have privacy.  This is where the most expensive hotels are located. 

Station 2- if you love parties and loud music is never a problem to you.  This is where “average” hotels are located.

Station 3-  if you go for inexpensive hotels.  This is where backpackers stay.

Most of the tourists  choose Stations 2 and 3 because hotels in Station 1 are quite pricey.  In this article, you will discover that you can stay in Station 1 without having an empty pocket.  

Last week, we had our 4d/3n getaway in Boracay- we spent two nights in Discovery Shores and one night in True Home Hotel.  I booked an overnight stay in the Presidential Suite for P8k in

We stayed in True Home Hotel in our second day in the island after our scheduled activities:  the mermaid photo op and treatment in Tirta Spa.


true home check in 1

I opted not to swim nor take a shower after my anti-time treatment.  After checking in, we just put our luggages in the bedroom and took a 30-minute rest  then we headed to the beach to catch the sunset. 

true home beachfront

True Home’s lounge chairs 



the beautiful sunset 

beach beds 2 true home


Though it is not as big and classy as the other hotels in Station 1, we liked our spacious suite (Actually the structure is kinda outdated and it just needs a total make-over).  It is perfect and practical for families to stay here.- the staff are very friendly and polite.   The only problem that we have encountered during our stay was the malfunctioned aircon in our bedroom– we slept in the living room though they have provided an electric fan because it was freakin’ hot at that time.   We didn’t mind at all because there were sofa beds that we have used and the aircon was working in the living room.


living room true home


Let’s have a tour in True Home’s Presidential Suite.


true home hat

the living room with an awesome view of the sea



living room


sink true home

the kitchen where you can cook your own food



dining room true home

dining room



bedroom 1 true home

breakfast 2

our free breakfast


breakfast with sweetie



Shane’s free Kiddie Meal


Nothing can beat the sight of the view here in the morning–it was soooooo relaxing and inspiring.  I told hubby that this is the perfect spot for me to write blogs.   I could have grabbed the netbook in the veranda but then I realized that we have to prepare our luggages because we have scheduled zipline and island hopping for the day.


veranda view beach true home



sunbathing veranda


It was sad that we had to check out early because of the scheduled activities.  We just requested our luggages to be taken cared of because the DSB staff will pick those while we were out.   We also asked if we could borrow one towel for the island hopping and without hesitation, Ms. Che-che (the front desk staff) agreed and even asked us if we only needed one 🙂 

Overall,  we enjoyed our stay in True Home and there’s no doubt that we will be back the next time we go in Boracay— this time with all my family members.    If you would like to book there, I suggest that you contact them directly here: .

with cheche

with the very friendly and accommodating Ms. Che-Che 🙂


family pic 1

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