Discovery Shores: Is it Worth Every Penny? (My DSB Experience Part I)


Last week, I spent 4d/3n in Boracay island with hubby and my ten-year-old daughter, Shane. It was my birthday treat for her- instead of having a family outing somewhere near Antipolo, I decided to just take her with us in our yearly escapade.  

There were changes I have made since I had this realization that vacations are meant to be enjoyed.  I had what this what you call “upgrading” or “levelling up.”  After a year of working, we needed a break!  From Air Asia, I have shifted to Philippine Airlines and I have carefully chosen our hotels for this escapade.  I even included Boracay activities in our itinerary.

So, what made me settled for Discovery Shores (DSB) even if it’s an arm and a leg?   Based from the reviews in TripAdvisor and blogs that I have read, DSB is well-liked by their guests because of their exceptional service and amenities.  It’s a beachfront hotel  (situated in Station 1)  with  complete amenities (like swimming pool, fitness center, library, kid’s room, and function rooms) and best of all, the roundtrip transfers were already included in the fee when you booked with them directly or in Agoda.  The rate per night is actually my whole month’s salary as a public school teacher, but for me it’s okay to splurge once in a while as long as we enjoy our vacation.  According to reviews, they felt like a VIP during their stay there and for few days, I would like to feel like a VIP (knowing that after a month, I will be back to reality and focus into my chosen vocation which is teaching).  I have convinced myself that I have made the right decision in choosing DSB.   Was I right in making the decision?  Let’s find out…

When we arrived in Caticlan, as expected, we were greeted by the DSB staff, gave us DSB bracelets, carried our bags and escorted us to the van.  

It was a 5-minute ride from the van to Fairways Newcoast- a private Jetty Port for selected hotels.   The driver welcomed us with their line:  “HAPPY SUMMER!” and gave us mints.  We were comfortable during the transfers- we were prompted to sit down in the lounge while waiting for the DSB boat.  


our dsb boat

In the boat, we were welcomed by the DSB staff, handed us wet face towels and gave cookies and bottled mineral water.  

boat usherettes

The staff announced that after reaching the Jetty Port, we will have a 15-minute ride via van to DSB.

in the boat.jpg

After the boat ride, we were escorted to the van.  Upon arrival at the waiting area, we were welcomed by Carlie and the staff gave us each a welcome drink ( a glass of refreshing Pandan water) , mints, and cold wet face towel.  She led us to the lounge facing the beach and I filled out the registration form and settled the security deposit.

with carlie

One thing that is remarkable wit the DSB employees is that they were trained to deal and communicate effectively with  people.  

After the registration, we headed to our assigned junior suite (Room 305)    It is the most basic room in the hotel, but it can accommodate 3 people.  Aside from the P19k I have paid per night, I also paid P7k plus additional for my daughter.

junior suite 1

Though the suite is contemporary, honestly, I wasn’t impressed that much.  Actually, the seaside suite that we have occupied in Estacio Uno last summer (their best and most lavish room), worth P12-13k is far better than this one.   I was just thinking how much we would have saved if we booked there again.  Anyway,  I conditioned myself that it wasn’t just the room- probably the reason why DSB is a big-ticket is because of their outstanding service. 

Let us have a tour in our room 🙂

We had a plate of fruits, sweets, native delicacies and Pandan water in out dining table.  I just didn’t like the idea of placing it near the sliding door leading to the veranda.   In the veranda, there is a coffee table and chair for one person and drying racks wherein you can hang your wet clothes.

3 bottled water were provided.  I was able to get one Evian mineral water by mistake in the mini bar– too bad, I had to pay P120 for that 🙁  There is an electric kettle that you may use- a good aternative for mineral water.

the daybed.jpg

Shane’s daybed

After a few minutes, Girlie (from Housekeeping) knocked to give us a complimentary foot wash.

foot wash jas

After the foot massage, Carlie came in and we had a tour in the hotel.  Below you will see their amenities.

Carlie showed me around DSB

happy summer

This is their standard greeting for summer.  Everytime we see employees or staff of DSB, they would greet us “HAPPY SUMMER” with their right hand at their chest sealed with a smile.

Unfortunately, only the One Bedroom Premier Suite (78 square meters)  is available during our tour.

1 br premier sals

The living room


double bed 1 premier

the doubble beds


jacuzzi 2

the jacuzzi at the veranda


the private lounge chair

the private beach bed

view of the pool

The view of the swimming pool from the second floor


pool morning

I love the lukewarm water in the swimming pool

terra wellness2

(Unfortunately, we were not able to use the fitness center because we have been busy during our stay),

souvernir items

The gift shop wherein you can buy souvenir items from DSB


the library wherein you can surf the net and print documents for free

activity in the kids room

They have activity for kids daily from 4 to 5 pm.

lounge chairs 1

One thing that I loke is their beach beds in the beachfront exclusively for their guests

With the amenities and ambience, I may say that I was satisfied.  I was also pleased with the free WIFI connection but sometimes, it goes on and off.  The front desk officers were efficient during our first day- I asked for a paracetamol and it was delivered in our room.

Despite of the positive things that I have mentioned,  there are still minor things that they have to improve– especially if the rate per night is quite exorbitant.   

  1.  Whenever we pass by the path leading to our room at the back of the cafe/restaurant, there is an unpleasant smell.  We couldn’t figure out if that is a kind of chemical, garbage or spoiled food.
  2. They have to be consistent with their VIP treatment. If they treat one client as special, they should treat everyone with the same kind of service- 
  3.  The staff should coordinate with each other (I will have another blog post about my DSB experience).


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