My Boracay 2017 Travel Tips


 It was my 4th time in Boracay last week and I have learned a lot with my previous experiences.  I’ve realized that careful planning should be made prior to your trip. My last trip to Boracay was not perfect but it was the best I’ve had so far!  I hope that  this article would help you in planning your next Boracay trip.

  • Book your plane tickets in advance to get the best deals.  Usually airfares are lower months before your planned trip.   ( I have chosen PAL (Philippine Airlines because I haven’t flown with them yet, I always choose Airasia and I want to try a different airline this time.   



  •  Allot budget for your summer outfits every month (This is because I am in a tight budget.  If money is not a problem to you, you can shop anytime you want.  I only used half of the clothes in my pink luggage- it’s better to have more outfits than run out of clothes.
  •  Choose a hotel that suits your taste and budget.  (I have chosen DSB- Discovery Shores Boracay because of the good reviews I have read.  I know it’s kinda expensive-almost my salary for the whole month per day, but vacations are meant to be enjoyed so it’s all right to go for expensive hotels as long as it’s worth the price and  we are satisfied with their service).   I always go for a beachfront hotel so beach would be easy to access and of course lounge chairs.


view of the pool

Note:  A review of Discovery Shores will be posted in this blog soon.

  • Make sure you have your gadgets (phone and netbook/laptop and camera).   You won’t like for sure to be worried if ever there are reports to be done and you don’t have your laptop to open your files or do your task in your spare time.   For bloggers like me, internet connection is also a necessity.  I post pictures in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter once in a while).  If your hotel has no Wifi connection, turn your mobile data on or purchase load for internet connection).  Bring also your powerbank to be assured that you won’t have a low battery and you won’t miss any interesting photos.
  • Bring cash and credit cards

Check with your hotel if they require security deposit.    Most of the establishments accept credit cards but do not rely on them, you need to have cash with you.  Do not rely on ATMs also because there are cases that they are offline.

  • Plan your activities so you can create an itinerary.  In that case, you won’t waste time and you can enjoy the beauty of the island.

tails up 3.jpg

 We had the mermaid photo-op for 30 minutes

I had anti-time treatment in Tirta Spa- the best and number 1 spa in Boracay.

treatment preparation 2

We had island hopping and zipline in day 2

island hopping 2

after the zipline

  • Discover inexpensive choices of food by walking around.  You can even go to the grocery store and buy stuffs like 3-in-one coffee, cookies, noodles, etc.  Inasal, Andoks are my favorite since I do not eat pork and fish).  Food from hotels can be expensive if you will order ala carte.  Smoke is an alternative; however, you will be lucky if there is a vacant table since most of the time the restaurant is filled with people.

island chicken inasal

There are still things that I haven’t done yet like having henna tattoo. parasailing, zorbing and trying braids, but this Boracay escapade is the best from all my trips.


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