A Must-Try Budget-Friendly Hotel in Baguio

   Before the opening of classes last June, I made it a point to book for a 3-day stay in Baguio City- a place where I can unwind and forget all the stress.  After days of extensive research, I settled for Microtel Inn & Suites primarily because of its location– it is very accessible to public transport.  I like the modern design though it is not as big as the other hotels.  I can say that our whole sleeping nights were peaceful because there was nothing creepy with the place and no disturbing noise either.  


            What I really love about their 2 queen beds room (though it’s kinda small) is that its is airconditioned.  Other hotels in Baguio don’t have a fan and aircon.  Their bedsheets and comforters are not itchy as well.  It was very relaxing to watch TV when you were exhausted to stroll the whole day.


the daybed

            Another thing that I LOVE is their UNLIMITED COFFEE, water station and free Wifi in the lobby.  They have a water container and glasses inside the room which I find very practical because you don’t have to stock drinks anymore.  Fortunately, we occupied room 207 which is near the lobby so I have an easy access to the coffee station and wifi as well.    



         They also provide a lot of clean towels in the restroom.  They have hot and cold shower, bidet, hair dryer and basic toiletries.  I just hope that next time they will include conditioner.  One thing they have to change also is their tiles which are kinda old already.  


            Overall, I can say that I am pleased with their service.  Even the daily breakfast was close to perfection.  There were variety of choices and we really enjoyed the food, that’s why we decided to have a room service for dinner.  Unexpectedly, they messed up and made me wait for less than 3 hours.  They have apologized and I saw their effort in making up with that mistake.  It was actually their partner restaurant’s fault (Te Quiero) , but unfortunately, it also reflects to the hotel’s service as well. and I hope that next time they will see to it that they cater to each guest’s request before they say yes.


Should I recommend Microtel?  Yes, because the room rates are very affordable, yet you are comfortable.  I just hope that the management will do something about their guests’ requests.  


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