A Showcase of Philippine Cuisine in Eastwood

         Have you tried to explore Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City?  Let me share about my dining experience in MESA Filipino Moderne yesterday.  After getting exhausted because of our loooong walk and hours of waiting, we searched for an affordable restaurant for our late lunch. We hopped from one building to another until we ended in Eastwood Mall. I was actually looking for an Italian restaurant for pizza, but because of stress and hunger, all I wanted to do is to satisfy my stomach.  Finally, we stopped by and I was relaxed with the breezy and homey atmosphere— it’s as if the place was inviting me to check it out. I fell in love with the restaurant’s exceptional interior design and elegant furnishings.  I said, “Wait, let us ask for the menu.”
                  The prices were very affordable.  I had Chicken BBQ Honey Patis (P165)  and a glass of pineapple juice (P65) while hubby had Grid Liempo (195) and Bottomless Lemonade (P70).  Rice is not included so we paid P40 per order. The total amount that we settled is just P575– not bad at all.
             While we were waiting, the waiter handed us a glass of water.  We were fascinated like a child, examining the shape of the glass carefully.  It can be compared to the “Leaning Tower of Pisa.”  In terms of service, I can say that it was close to perfection.  The waiters and waitresses were courteous and very efficient.  We didn’t wait too long for the food to be served.
Drinks were served first– I was quenched and delighted with my pineapple juice.  It was made out of real pineapple (I can tell if it is just concentrated juice).  Most of the hotels serve concentrated pineapple juice in their free breakfast.  Contrary to my satisfaction though, hubby was not contented with his bottomless lemonade.  I have tasted it and he was right– the lemonade was not made out of real lemon, but the concentrated one.  We just thought that probably it’s because it’s bottomless, that’s why they just settled with that kind. 
    The chicken bbq was palatable, though the presentation looked appetizing.  I was expecting for the juicy taste, but it was insipid.  
  Hubby had the same experience– his liempo was also dull.  I don’t have an idea if it goes also for the rest of the food in the menu, or it just happened that it didn’t suit our taste and preferences.  
                        Overall, I couldn’t say that it was a terrible experience, but not satisfying either.  The welcoming atmosphere is their advantage and it is indeed a wonderful experience to find out that there are still restaurants like Mesa that showcase Filipino dishes.  They offer variety of food appetizers, meat, soup, salad, seafood, vegetables and noodles.  
Note:  This review was based from the food that we have ordered.  It doesn’t apply for the other dishes in their menu.  

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