Cattleya Resort: A Classy Private Resort in Antipolo

                   If you are looking for a classy private pool, I highly recommend CATTLEYA RESORT.  It is located in Sitio Ibabaw, San Roque, Antipolo City (near Loreland Resort) .  Last year, we celabrated my daughter’s 8th birthday there and I’m glad that we did..  The place is like a village with private pools.  We didn’t have a hard time looking for our reserved pool (PATRICIA ) as they have the names with the pool number outside.
             Patricia 8 is the most affordable pool in the resort because the other pools cost around P10-12,000;  however it can only accommodate up to 12 people.  Since we were only seven, the place was just enough for us.  Upon enetering the gate, the utility man told us to be careful and just let the kid swim in the shallow part of the pool.  The water was clean (obviously, they have maintained the pool’s cleanliness for their customers).
                                                           The barbeque area
                    Patricia 8 was only opened to the public on March 2015—everything in the place was NEW.  Their rate  (P4,500) is reasonable enough because the place has everything you can ask for.  It has a kitchen where you can cook your own food, barbecue area and tables where you can prepare and eat your food.  It’s convenient because they also have a refrigerator where you can store your food and drinks.
         The use of videoke machine (with latest songs)  is already ncluded in the package.  The only thing they don’t have is a private bedroom where the customers can take a nap or rest, but it’s fine because they provided 3 folding beds where we put our bags and stuff and rest at the same time.  My daughter and my baby were able to use them when they took a nap.
                   My kids really enjoyed the pool– I just convinced them to step out of the water during lunchtime.  If the driver won’t pick us up at 5pm, they would have stayed.  
They let us use the jacuzzi for one hour.
I am really glad and SATISFIED that I have chosen CATTLEYA RESORT.  It is really recommended to do extensive research before you make any booking.  Impulsive bookings create terrible experiences.  
POSITIVE SIDE:  very clean, approachable staff, excellent customer service
For those who would like to check this out, here are the details:
Mobile number:  0917-8169759

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