My Boracay 2016 Adventure Day 2

            Day 2 in Estacio Uno:  After a relaxing and sleeping well in our seaside suite,  I heated water in the electric pot for our coffee and cup noodles.  We just enjoyed staying in the room and watched television for an hour before going for our morning walk.
          Before the morning walk and swim, we used the jacuzzi because we had to check out in the seaside suite that afternoon.  
We checked the lounge in the second floor and saw the breathtaking view.
We went to Willy’s Rock to see the grotto.  
We got ready for the morning swim! 
We headed back to Estacio Uno for our FREE breakfast.
        After the breakfast, my son jumped to the pool for his morning swim 🙂  I couldn’t blame him for that— the water is really irresistable!   From now on, one of my requirements in choosing a hotel aside from it has to be beachfront is– a pool.
We requested for lounge chairs and beach towels so we can relax and watch people….
       Before 10am, I went to the suite to take a shower.  The front desk officer called to ask where do I want to have our FREE massage.  I chose the beach area, but after that I thought I have chosen the room service.  I was not comfortable with my clothes off and only a towel to cover my body.
         After having lunch in my fave restaurant (SMOKE RESTAURANT), we walked and explored D’mall.
After resting, we went to our lounge chairs and prepared again for the afternoon swim 🙂

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