My Boracay 2016 Adventure Day 1

        One of the perspectives that has changed while I travel is my view about vacation.  Before, I don’t plan carefully about it, but now, I consider every detail as much as possible.  In my recent Boracay trip, I made sure that I have a good flight schedule.  My flight to Kalibo was scheduled in the morning and we were able to reach the island at around 3pm.  Though our flight was delayed, everything was taken cared of– thanks to BPHT transfer service ;)
              After checking in to Estacio Uno (seaside suite), we have stayed for about 45 minutes to 1 hour– we feasted our eyes on everything that we see— everything was so elegant and modern (from the design of the room, furnitures and appliances).  Because it was really relaxing to just stay in the room, we rested, but to decided to unpack our stuff when we have realized that we should make the most out of our 4-day stay in Boracay.
                      While we were unpacking, my son stepped out in the room and enjoyed swimming in the pool.
                  To stimulate our senses and replenish our strength (we are halfway-drained from the long  journey) hubby and I had a cup of complimentary coffee in the room. 
           After that, we have prepared ourself for our afternoon swim— a very quick swim in the pool and beach.
              After the quick swim, I have allotted time for our afternoon walk (our mission- to explore Station 1).
         We decided not to go for  activities, we just ENJOYED the stunning view and the beach.   
                    It was my son’s first time to travel in Boracay, so I let him savor every moment.  He was fascinated with the powdery white sand and wished he could get some, hehehe….
                  Then, we just walked around and appreciated the beauty of our FIRST  Boracay sunset 🙂
             We went back to ESTACIO UNO— time for our first NIGHT SWIMMING!  The water was very soothing– just warm enough.  We felt energized and actually planned of something to do.  It’s as if we didn’t arrive from Manila.  Energy status:  90%.
               After our afternoon walk and night swim, we have RELAXED and we had fun in the jacuzzi!   Sooooo relaxing, I didn’t want to step out of the tub anymore, heheheh!
              After the relaxing bath inthe jacuzzi, we decided to take Astoria’s FREE dinner buffet invitation.  
             After the delightful meal, we moved to their new resort in Station 3 (Current By Astoria) for  their 90-minute presentation, then we headed to D’mall and bought 3-in-1 coffee and cup noodles.  
            We didn’t go to the pubs to party and drink because our purpose in our trip was to RELAX and ENJOY the beach.  So, our daily activity was intended for walking, exploring, eating and swimming.
          A basket of fruits was waiting for us….. before we finally go to sleep.  Hubby ate some while watching TV.  I slept early to restore my strength and energy for the following day.  
Hubby was sound asleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzz!
                           Day 1 was really exhausting, but we were able to enjoy the whole day 🙂

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