My Estacio Uno Experience Part I


            In our previous Boracay trip, when we were walking in Station 1, hubby and I were amazed of the beautiful wedding set-up in Estacio Uno.  We never thought we could have the chance of staying there because we knew that we couldn’t afford a single day in that resort.  I didn’t know exactly what came in to me one day when I checked my Agoda account.  I have already booked a junior suite in True Home Hotel amounting to P17,000 for 4 days and 3 nights stay (pay later using my credit card), but I cancelled it.  I visited and booked a suite with pool access for 2 days 1 night in Estacio Uno (P11,000 plus) and 3 days 2 nights in La Fiesta  (P6,000 plus).  If you are going to sum it up, it’s almost the same amount and I would be able to experience how it’s like to stay in Estacio Uno.  That was the plan, but because something happened (I couldn’t say everything here because it will be a very looooooooooong story), the 2 days 1 night in Estacio Uno became 3 days and 2 nights—1 night in the seaside suite (formerly the presidential suite) and another night in the suite with pool access.  That leaves me having only 1 night in La Fiesta.

        I wanted to surprise hubby, but he was able to find out when a guy from Astoria asked us in which hotel are we going to check in.  Surprisingly, he didn’t complain about the expenses (probably because it is vacation time and we deserve to pamper ourselves once in a while).  When the guy from BPHT escorted us into the lobby, the receptionist welcomed us with a smile.  Upon checking my reservation, we were given welcome drinks and handed us the keycard.


        The moment we entered the suite, our jaws literally dropped.  It was more than I expected!  The room was spacious and really BIG enough for the three of us.  We didn’t want to leave the room because we were enjoying our eyes in everything that we see— very elegant design and choice of furnitures.


           Let me take you to a tour of the seaside suite… Here’s what we had–a king-sized bed for me and hubby…


          A single bed for my son (Kyle)…

         Even the freebies were first-class!  A basket of fruits was given to guests like us who were occupying the seasuide suite and the poolside room.


Complimentary coffee for a coffee-lover like me!  (It includes tea bags as well).

     Toiletries of excellent quality are also provided (soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, shaver and shaving cream, sewing kits, and combs).  So it’s fine if you won’t bring toiletries because they will provide you those 🙂

The dressing area was spacious enough.

Bathrobes were also provided in the mirrored closet.


               The shower area….


       The view outside was really breathtaking!  Though we didn’t want to leave our room, we have decided to go out because we want to make most out of our stay in Boracay.  To make it happen, we had to step out of the suite and enjoy.


    I dipped into the jacuzzi before we had our first swim (only the seaside suite have the jacuzzi)  It was really relaxing! I wish I could have taken a dip longer, but we had to swim in the pool and the beach because that night, we had a free dinner invitation in Astoria.


               Their pool invited me to swim and I couldn’t resist the temptation, heheh… the warm water caressed my skin and I loved it!


            We really felt like VIPs.  Our needs are taken cared of.  The staff always greet us with a smile.  When we woke up, we just enjoyed the room and took another dip in the jacuzzi.


    After the jacuzzi fun, we roamed around and explored Stations 1 and 2 and swam in the pool and beach.  



         After the morning swim, we had our breakfast in the poolside cafe.    FREE breakfast is included what I have paid.   I had scrambled eggs, rice, hotdogs, waffles with strawberry jam, coffee and pineapple juice.


            After the breakfast, we requested for lounge chairs and towels to relax.  We were scheduled to have our free massage at 10am, so we took a shower before the one-hour massage so we can finish by 11am and prepare our things.  We transferred in the suite with pool access at 12nn. (Please read my blog “My Estacio Uno Experience Part 2 which will feature the poolside room).


           Was I satisfied with my stay? YES!  If I could turn back the time, I would have upgraded my second day from poolside room to seaside suite (again).  Why?  It’s worth the money– for the luxury and service/pampering that we got from them, I won’t mind staying there again when we come back to Boracay.  I HIGHLY recommend this hotel/resort if you have a budget.  I’m sure you will enjoy your vacation 🙂

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