Soaring High With Air Asia

       I have planned our Boracay trip ahead of time– of course to avoid hassle and to save money. As early as June 2015, I have searched for low fares and as expected, I got the best deal from Airasia. I would like to try Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines, but I couldn’t afford the price.   I have flown with this airline thrice and so far I don’t have any major complain.  One issue tey have to work on is their delayed flights.
           I always book our meals in advance–this is to make sure that we are not hungry in our journey to the island.  Honestly, we didn’t enjoy the food.  It is still part of their service so they have to make sure that their passengers are pleased with what they offer.  I am willing to pay extra if they can provide us something special.   
       I have nothing to complain about the crew.  They are very corteous and professional.  We were comfortable during the flight.  Since we flew at around 11am, we had the opportunuty to take pictures.
         We arrived at Kalibo International Airport at past 12nn.
         As what I have said,my only complain is their delayed flights, but I can see the effort of the airline to resolve this matter.  I got a text message and an email from them regarding our flight back to Manila. According to them, instead of 7:20pm, our flight will be retimed to 9:40pm because the plane has to undergo operational requirements.  
        Since they have informed us ahead of time, I was able to make changes with our transfer service   Instead of picking us up at 2:30, BHPT picked us at 4pm instead.
1. Book your trip ahead of time so you can save money.  You can get a one way fare for less than P500!
2. Do not pick an afternoon flight (if you will go to Boracay) because you will arrive there in the evening and you won’t enjoy the day.  After the flight, there’s still a 2-hour journey from the airport to Caticlan Jetty Port, then a boat ride and a tricycle ride from the jetty port to the resort.    All you want to do at that time is to rest.  Pick a morning flight for your arrival and a later (evening) flight fo your return to Manila.
3.  Select a seat from rows 1-16. (I have chosen row 6)
4. If you have internet access, use the web check-in and print your boarding pass or let them send it to you  via email.  I chose the option wherein they will send the barcode via text message, but I haven’t received any confirmation.   I verified, we already checked in—we just had a problem with the barcode so I don’t have a boarding pass.  Good thing is that the staff is accommodating– after presenting our IDs, we were given boarding passes instantly.  
5.  Avail of the checked baggage service if you have to bring lots of stuff with you.  (I brought tons of swimwears and summer outfits with me).
        If you are in a tight budget, I rcommend AIRASIA, but anticipate delayed flights.  

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